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Flash coming to iPhone nano? No…

etre-touchy-iphone-medHmm, so it looks like Adobe is working hard to answer its most high-profile Flash critic, Steve Jobs, last week revealing a deal with Nvidia designed to make for a better user experience on mobile devices.

The two firms are collaborating as part of the Open Screen Project to optimize and enable Adobe Flash Player to leverage GPU video and graphics acceleration on a wide range of mobile Internet devices, including netbooks, tablets, mobile phones and other on-the-go media devices.

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Pre Macworld, iPhone nano rumour shines again

Once again, rumours Apple intends introducing an iPhone nano lead the pre-Macworld Expo speculation agenda this week, following the leak of a claimed case design for the purported product.

We can’t vouch for the veracity of the latest iPhone nano report, but we do note the source cited by MacRumors is admitted to be patchy in its credibility. However, claims Apple intends introducing a lower-cost, smaller sibling to the iPhone 3G have been in circulation for a long time.

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iPhone nano for Spring 2009?

Barclays Capital analyst Ben Reitzes this week re-launched speculation concerning Apple’s plans to diversify its iPhone line with the introduction of a less well-featured ‘iPhone nano’, but not until Q3 2009 at the earliest.

In a note to clients despatched this week Reitzes cut his earnings projections on Apple to reflect the globally-depressed market – but insists there’s plenty of vim and vigour left to Cupertino in the months to come.

The analyst also speculated Apple may plan to introduce a cheaper entry-level iPhone to widen its addressable market. The speculation suggests the new device will be like an iPod, but won’t have the capacity to download and use App Store applications.

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Apple’s Sept. 9 event: What to expect

In advance of the Apple event next week the Mac rumour sites are festooned with news and predictions as to what’s on the way, so we thought we should let you know what is going to happen.

For a round-up of more recent information since the publication of this post, please click here.

Digg founder Kevin Rose recently offered his prognostications for the Apple event next week, predicting iTunes 8, new low cost iPod touch, lower prices across the iPod range, a redesigned iPod nano and more.
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iPhone nano rumour is go…

Apple’s plans to launch an iPhone nano took another baby step through the credibility gap last night, when it emerged that at least one third-party firm has begin working on “nano-styled iPhone dock”.

The Daily Mail last weekend reported that Apple is developing an iPhone nano, which it reckons the company wants to get into the shops in time for Christmas. The gadget’s going to cost £150 and be available on a pay-as-you-go basis, the Mail claimed, citing sources.
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Apple iPhone nano? ‘Not this year’ – analyst

Apple’s plans to offer an iPhone nano were cast in doubt by the analysts at Lehman Brothers this week – but the accident is only one of timing – the analysts think the company is researching such a device…

“While we believe Apple is working on a lower-end iPhone form factor, we do not think one will come until Spring 2009,” analyst Ben Reitzes said, responding to the original report in the Daily Mail.

The analyst went on to observe Apple still needs to get supply and demand for the current model sorted out, and observes the company’s intent to ship the iPhone 3G in 50 more countries before the end of the year. Introducing another model at this stage would add extra complexity to an already complex task, he warns.
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