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Apple’s iPhone explodes across South East Asia as O2 UK price war story grows

Apple’s iPhone is becoming the dominant device in key territories of SouthEast Asia, while in the UK carrier O2 continue to aggressively defend its iPhone franchise as price war breaks out.

O2 is planning to launch a two-year Apple iPhone tariff for £25 per month. The tariff will include 100 minutes and unlimited texts. That follows announcement of a SIM-only deal last week.

O2 has much to fight for. It has sold over 2 million iPhones in the UK, but now faces stiff competition from other carriers who have broken its once exclusive hold on UK iPhone sales. Vodafone and Orange are both seizing share, with the former company confirming 100,000 new iPhone sign-ups in the first week the product went on sale.

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Next-gen iPhone’s Killer Feature: price

We’ve seen the rumours of new touchscreens, intelligent bezels, levitation and the ability to make a nice cup of coffee, but right now it looks like the next-gen iPhone’s going to have an insanely great new feature – it’s going to be cheaper!

Morgan Stanley analyst Katy Huberty is making these claims, saying the next-gen iPhone will have a lower cost of ownership and will include a new gesture-based functionality.

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O2 launches UK iPhone price war with SIM-only tariff offer

The iPhone price war has at last begun in the UK, with Apple’s original exclusive partner, O2, introducing a new low-cost tariff for the device, a SIM-only contract.

The move is O2’s attempt to meet competition from Orange and Vodafone, both of which also now distribute the iPhone. Tesco Mobile also offers the device, under arrangement with O2.

The new SIM-only deal means customers who already have an iPhone can adopt a SIM-only tariff beginning at £15 per month for 300 minutes, unlimited UK texts, data & Wi-Fi on a 12-month SIM-only contract, or from £20 per month on a 30-day rolling contract. Unlimited UK calls, texts and data are also available from £45 a month.

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Apple urges pester power in latest iPhone ads…

Apple has introduced its two latest iPhone ads, First Steps and On Hold.

First Steps aims at parents wanting to keep an almost Big Brother oversight on every step of a babies life, from recording the first steps on an iPhone 3GS, to holding a conference call to talk about the clip. Ahhh. (More video after the break)
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