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BBC, YouTube, eBay lead UK online habit

The future of broadcasting is already here, with almost a third of people under the age of 25 already watching TV on the internet, a UK survey reveals this week.
IPA Touchpoint asked 5,400 people about their media consumption habits, and found that 29 per cent of those between 15-25 years old and 18 per cent of adults aged 25-64 had watched TV online.
The report also found 13 per cent of mobile users watch video clips on their phones, a figure that climbed to 30 per cent in the younger, 15-24 year old age bracket.
Broadband penetration now stands at 73 per cent of all UK adults, with internet usage at an average of 45 minutes on weekdays and 1.07 hours at weekends.
During the week an average adult spends 24 per cent of their time awake watching the TV, 13 per cent listening to the radio, 7 per cent using the internet and 3 per cent reading a newspaper or magazine. In homes where the internet is used internet consumption rises to 10 per cent.
Worryingly, the notion of the digital switchover is still not understood by 20 per cent of all adults, rising to 30 per cent among over 65’s.
There’s a host of interesting additional statistics revealed by the survey: The most popular type of web pages visited in the last seven days by all internet users are banking and finance (48 per cent), followed by news headlines (42 per cent) and maps/travel news/directions/public transport (35 per cent). For 15-24s though the most visited sites are social networking (58 per cent), in comparison with all internet users (26 per cent). The most popular websites visited by all internet users in the last seven days are Google (74 per cent), BBC (37 per cent) and E-bay (33 per cent).
YouTube was accessed by 22 per cent of all internet users in the last seven days and 32 per cent in the last four weeks. This rises to 45 per cent and 59 per cent, respectively, for 15-24 year-olds. Podcasts were only downloaded by 9 per cent of internet users in the last six months.