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UPDATED: Pullitzer Prize-Winning Satirical Cartoons? ‘There’s No App For That’ Say Apple’s Stupid Censors

We’re aghast. We’re horrified.

Censorship is stupid. That is all.

Read It Here.

Looks like Apple does have someone smart controlling the App disapproval team – Apple has asked the cartoonist to resubmit his app. Hopefully they’ll approve it this time. Once again though, censorship is stupid. Wielding censorship on an international basis (as Apple do) is dangerous. The computer company has no right to become some new type of taste police.

iPhone 4G Set To Debut June 22 Says Rumour Of The Day

Pretty certainly the rumour of the day today will be claims Apple will introduce the latest and newest fourth-generation iPhone on June 22.

We think the date sounds about right – after all, the company should be almost set to ship iPad in all its major international markets by then, assuming it gets to sort out its display production problems.

So, here’s the situation: Seems Apple’s hired the Yerba Buena Center for Arts for June 22, which is (you guessed it) a Tuesday, generating instant optimistic expectation the new model iPhone will be introduced on that day. Plus the date coincides with everybody’s expected dates for WWDC 2010. Continue reading

Apple’s iPad Is Banned In Israel….

Citing differences in WiFi coding, Israeli authorities have banned Apple’s iPad from being taken into the country, with customs officials seizing units as they cross the border, a report claims.

“Starting on Tuesday, Israel’s Communications Ministry has banned the importation of Apple iPad computers into Israel, and will even confiscate those which are brought in by travelers through Ben Gurion International Airport,” says Israeli National News. Continue reading

Holy Customizable iPad Decals, Where’s My WiFi?

Seems the iPad may suffer from some WiFi problems in use and here’s Apple’s tech support note and discussions document to help you, but who cares about reliabilty and pre-release testing of Apple’s most important product yet – you got iPad!! Now take a look at this tasty selection of hot iPad decals to help customize your new Apple device (while you wait for it to work). Continue reading

iPad: UK Launch Set For April 24, The Interweb Claims

Apple will introduce the iPad on April 24 in the UK, at least that’s what the latest rumours emanating from A WEBSITE are saying.

See, the good folk over at Bitterwallet (who sound awfully nice if a little less well-known, though seem to have been scribbling furiously since October ‘08) tell us they’ve had the UK iPad ship date confirmed by two independent sources. Continue reading