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iPhone now tunes into internet radio

Apple’s iPhone has never had its own built-in internet radio receiver, now it does with Rogue Amoeba’s introduction of Radioshift Touch, the first application for the device from the developer.

Radioshift Touch opens the world of internet radio to iPhone users, delivering access to thousands of audio streams over WiFi, EDGE, and 3G.

Radioshift Touch features listings powered by RadioTime, though it’s listings are a sub-set of those available to the Mac version of the app – specifically offering access only to MP3 streams.

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Large US radio broadcaster inks iPhone app deal

Radio shows from 62 US stations are now available to iPhone and iPod Touch owners running the Radiolicious application following a landmark deal between developers, MySimBook and US radio network, Regent Communications.

Regent owns and operates 62 stations (50 FM and 12 AM) clustered in 13 markets in Colorado, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Minnesota, New York, and Texas.

Now Regent’s 57 existing internet radio station streams will be made available through Radiolicious. Regent is the first major radio group to contract for all of its streaming stations to be available through the application.

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UPDATED: iPhone boosts Pandora growth

UPDATED STORY – (Error First, Westergreen said that the iPhone accounts for half of Pandora’s NEWusers , not total users. Second, Pandora doubled growth):

The iPhone has helped Pandora double its growth rate, revealed company chief Tim Westergreen at Digital Music Forum West last week.

Westergreen also noted the imminent shakedown among webcasters, now MySpace Music has launched with major label support. “I think the fate of the small webcasters will be determined in the next few months,” he said.

The iPhone has been a Pandora growth story, he confirmed – iPhone accounts for 1.5 million of Pandora’s 17 million members – and has doubled growth rate from 20,000 to 40,000+ new users each day. “It has people thinking a little differently about what internet radio is,” Westergreen said, noting that attempts to prove a subscription model for access to content have so far failed.

But Westergreen doesn’t buy into the ‘access not ownership’ mantra that’s causing so much excitement: “I think I listen to iTunes more than Pandora… I’m not somebody who believes that’s all going to vanish,” he added, but pointed out, “People don’t want to have to work for their music” he said.

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iPhone users gain hundreds of indie radio channels

Indie-focused online music radio broadcaster, BreakThru Radio is using technology from TVersity to offer on-demand radio shows to iPhone users.

The news means the broadcaster’s diverse range of channels – covering the gamut, from reggae to rock and (as far as we here can tell from a morning’s flicking between channels) really quite listenable.

Access is easy, iPhone users simply need to navigate to in Safari on their device. One there they will be presented with a series of drop-down menus which allow them to choose the on-demand show they want to hear. Continue reading

Senate approves Webcaster Settlement Act

Pandora has a few months reprieve following the US Senate approval of the Webcaster Settlement Act, which passed in the House over the weekend and was introduced to allow webcasters to continue to negotiate new royalty deals with copyright owners while Congress is distracted by the upcoming elections.

“This legislation will enable the Digital Media Association (DiMA) and our member companies, and all Internet radio services, to continue negotiating royalty rates with SoundExchange for the years 2006-2015. We are very hopeful of reaching agreement soon, and thereby creating long-term stability that will re-energize the Internet radio business,” said Digital media Association executive director Jonathan Potter. Continue reading

Pandora gets slight respite, but not yet saved

Internet radio service, Pandora, has seen a slight reprieve in its battle to stay alive.

The $13 million company, founded in 2000 as Savage Beast Technologies, gets about 1 million visits a day and is one of the 10 most popular iPhone applications and holds 16 million members. It’s based on the Music Genome Project, a database of analyzed songs that helps predict what songs listeners will like.

Pandora and other Web-based radio services have been negotiating with music-industry groups for more than a year now, hoping to agree on a workable royalty structure before the existing structure bankrupted webcasters. They need a little more time. Continue reading

Internet radio social coming to AOL Shoutcast

AOL is to relaunch its online radio service, SHOUTcast.com, next week.

SHOUTcast.com claims a daily global audience of 500,000 plus. Hypebot informs to expect improved search, new user feedback options and “increased monetization”.

“A search toolbar, a Facebook application, a SHOUTcast blog, new skins, and a widget that can be integrated across several social networking groups,” should also feature in the new version.
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