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MySpace teams with Google, boosts iTunes

Bat for LashesMySpace and Google will this afternoon announce a partnership to provide music content for the company’s new music search initiative.

“Through this partnership we’re making it easier for fans around the world to discover music content by providing Google with full audio tracks, direct links to music videos and upcoming tour information. It’s our goal to make the great content on our platform available to anyone – wherever it is they want to find it,” MySpace explained.

“Probably the most exciting aspect of this deal is that we now have the opportunity to better serve our artist partners by making sure all of the content they’ve created is available to everyone on MySpace as well as to those fans searching for it on Google.”

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iTunes attack: MySpace preps iLike buy-out

We thought it had gone just a little bit quiet with MySpace Music – now we know why – backed by News International it appears MySpace is attempting to acquire popular music steaming and recommendation service, iLike (which launched its own music download service this week) for a cool $20 million.

This news is going to concern Apple’s iTunes team – iLike is the music network that’s most used by Facebook users, and with millions using that service, News International could leverage its new property under the MySpace Music umberella to make a pretty big attempt to unseat Apple’s music service from its current position of market dominance.

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iLike Challenge App for iPhone slips

iLike today announced the availability of the iLike Challenge App on the App Store, following its introduction of multiple Apps last week.

The $2.99 iLike Challenge App for iPhone and iPod touch tests how quickly music fans can listen to, and correctly identify, songs from a host of Sony Music acts including Britney Spears, Sean Kingston and Kenny Chesney. It also builds in code with which to access and purchase the track from the iTunes Store.

The iLike Challenge App offers a unique two-player mode, which enables two users to compete against one another on the same iPhone or iPod touch and will exclusively feature questions about Sony Music’s popular artists, from current chart toppers to legendary icons, across multiple genres of music including rock, pop, alternative, country, hip-hip, R&B, and more.

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iLike loves iPhone: unleashes hundreds of apps

iLike has released a veritable storm of iPhone applications, including specific ones for over 250 musical acts and a pretty handy ‘Local Concerts’ app.

The latter provides personalized concert listings and notifications based on scanning the music on any iPod touch
or iPhone.

It lists upcoming shows in a user’s area and provides links to buy tickets. The new upgrade (available soon pending Apple approval) adds key features that leverage iPhone 3.0’s new capabilities:

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Popular music service iLike up for sale

Facebook could potentially lose a critical digital music application, as the popular iLike service is seeking a purchaser, according to MediaMemo.

While the company is actively hunting an acquirer, there’s no imminent purchaser on the horizon, the report explains. “Nothing imminent nor active discussions,” a company spokesman said.

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UPDATED: Facebook plans digital music service – report

Facebook plans to launch its own digital music service in competition with MySpace Music, company CEO Mark Zuckerberg has said.

With social network competitor MySpace using its high-level News Corp. connections to launch a major label-friendly (some say too friendly) music service, Facebook – already hurting through sustained criticism of its new user interface and continually plagued by the challenge of monetising its traffic – plans to hit back.

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iLike opens up music online

iLike has introduced an open platform that enables developers to add interactive music features to their website or Facebook application.

The platform doesn’t use Adobe’s annoying Flash format for playback of files, choosing to use dead simple to build and deploy HTML and JavaScript. Users can create and edit playlists, listen to them and so on with no need to register with iLike.

“Having spent years building the underlying technology for iLike’s music service, we decided to help other developers use our underlying technology, without difficult coding, without much server-side engineering, and without having to understand the hassles and complexities of the world’s vast catalog of music,” iLike explained on its blog.

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Thievery Corporation + iLike, Facebook, iTunes

DJ and production duo Thievery Corporation have teamed up with iLike and Facebook to stream their new album ‘Radio Retaliation’ exclusively across iLike beginning September 19, five days before the album’s release on September 23.

This is the first time iLike and Facebook have jointly promoted a worldwide listening event, which will take place during the album’s exclusive window of pre-order availability at iTunes. Additionally, Thievery Corporation have made a series of video messages, in which they introduce and discuss their highly anticipated new album, that iLike will premier and distribute across the Web.
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MySpace, Facebook, head-to-head

MySpace will launch the long-expected MySpace Music store in September, company CEO Chris DeWolfe confirmed at a Fortune-sponsored technology conference in the US.

The music service is a joint venture with all the major labels, bar EMI. It will be a combined music store and subscription service, offering unlimited streaming play of tracks for free (hello, Last.fm). Users will be able to create playlists, and add widget music players to their MySpace profiles. They will also be able to purchase song downloads,  ringtones, T-shirts and concert tickets. The venture will be backed by advertising.
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