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Apple book patent hints music, book, newspaper subscription plans

Books are now the biggest category on the App Store, with more of these available for sale than ever before, eclipsing previous top category, games.

No surprise then Apple’s ramping-up its iBookstore strategy, recruiting staff to help expand the store internationally and filing trademarks to protect the service in Canada (and presumably other territories).

Patently Apple has found Apple’s two trademark filings in Canada for “iBooks” and the “iBook Store” or “iBookStore” under applications 1468914 and 1468910 respectfully – in February 2010.

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iPad Kindle-killer (ships March 26), iBookstore expansion plans, more…

Apple’s iPad will ship on Friday, March 26, reports claim, with special gifts for those who queue up overnight to pick one of the devices up at their local Apple Store and staff training beginning next week, The Examiner claims.

Also AT&T on iPad market future; relax, production problems may not impact iPad availability. Bookworms – iBookstore’s on its way, hold steady – oh, and Kindle may get knocked aside by the Apple behemoth – and more. Read on…

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