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Music ‘n’ iPhone drive Apple’s iXmas – reports

While legal beagles flood the ‘net with searches for the New York Bar Exam today, the rest of us are really, really passionate about music, new research explains – and it looks like good news for Apple and others in the sector this Holiday Season, read on…

A pair of reports emanating from Bauer Media and the Consumer Electronics Association show a growing appetite for music among consumers (that’s you and I), and increasing demand for music among US teens.

With such a fury of interest at music, it’s a surprise the label bosses can’t seem to sell the stuff.

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Hamfatter, The Streets rising stars online

This month’s lists of the top 20 band/artist searches sending traffic to social networking sites and music blogs for the four weeks ending August 2.

The list appeared this afternoon on the blog of Hitwise Intelligence analyst, Robin Goad. The lead seems to go to Basshunter and Biffy Clyro, who have been leading traffic for months.

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