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Philip Glass makes hi-def online music move

Music by Philip Glass will be at the vanguard of a new online music offering, HDtracks, a digital music store that’s dedicated to offering high quality audio.
HDtracks is offering the Orange Mountain Music catalogue of Glass’ music as CD-quality lossless FLAC and uncompressed AIFF files, as well as high resolution 320-kbps MP3 files. All three file formats are DRM-free and all HDtracks.com downloads can be used on most any device.
Philip Glass’ repertoire through Orange Mountain Music includes over 30 years of opera, symphonies, film scores, musical theater compositions and small ensemble works.
The music’s sold with full liner notes and artwork with full-album purchases made from HDtracks. The unedited liner notes are included in PDF format.
HDtracks was founded by David and Norman Chesky of Chesky Records. It’s a high-quality DRM-free music download service offering a diverse catalogue of independent music from around the world. Individual tracks cost $1.49, while full albums appear to cost $11.98.