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Guitar Hero goes massive multiplayer

A new service that aims to become the web equivalent of the hyper-successful Guitar Hero and Rock Band games has emerged – and is currently in beta testing.

Unlike those games, of course, the online equivalent, JamLegend, doesn’t require a games console. The company behind the game hopes to entice labels and artists into making music available for players to use in the game.
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Guitar Hero gets anti-iTunes

Activision may introduce its own Guitar Hero-branded iTunes style digital music store to compete with iTunes warns company boss Bobby Kotick.
Speaking to the Financial Times he said: “I don’t think there have been a lot of credible alternatives to iTunes, but Guitar Hero certainly has that potential,” he says. The latest version of the game offers players in-game access to a music store that sells tracks gamers can use within the game, though these can’t be played on computers or digital music players…yet…
Activision is also understood to be competing with MTV Games for a deal with The Beatles management to bring out a guitar-based game featuring Beatles’ songs.