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BPI scores a UK.gov own goal

The BPI really doesn’t get it – that’s a subjective judgement, but one based on the organisation’s own behaviour. The Guardian reports that the music industry group sent a stiff letter to ISPs and the UK government just before the recent deal between the organisations and the BPI was announced.

BPI Chief Executive Geoff Taylor said that while the organisation welcomed the deal between ISPs and the music industry, it felt it important to “clarify” it didn’t think the agreement an “exhaustive solution”. And then went on to threaten its ISP partners with legal action…
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UK Greens slam BPI/ISP file-sharing deal

The UK Green Party has slammed the anti-file-sharing deal reached lastweek between the recording industry and ISPs, warning that it will have a “serious impact on internet access for vulnerable people.”

The deal, negotiated and approved by the UK government,  would allow the six ISPs (BT, Virgin, Orange, Tiscali, BSkyB and Carphone Warehouse) to slow down or cut off the internet connections of people simply suspected of file-sharing. Information on potential suspects will be provided by the BPI.
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