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Google v. Apple: Your VP8 Codec Essential Reading List

So Google spent some money, bought On2, and is now trying to make VP8 video technology available on a royalty-free basis. This is being reported in all kinds of ways, but wait just a moment before getting too gleamy at the shiny and the new. Here’s your VP8 essential reading list. Please comment your thoughts below. Continue reading

Apple versus Google: Now Samsung Plans An Android-Powered TV

Just how far is the battle going to go, as Apple defines itself as the world’s leading consumer electronics company while Google attempts to retool itself as a product and software firm, rather than a search engine. Now comes the news Samsung may be preparing to assemble Android-powered televisions… Continue reading

Why Apple’s ARM Takeover May Make Sense

So the news is that Apple may acquire Cambridge-based chip designer, ARM Holdings for $8 billion.

Chips designed by ARM now feature in nearly every one of the 4bn mobile phones in use around the world. ARM designs are deployed in Apple iPhones and iPads.

Analyst Richard Holway of TechmarketView said. “I have no idea if there is any validity in (the rumours) but makes sense as Apple designed the main chip for the iPad inhouse and doesn’t want to see its technology used in other competing products.” Continue reading

iPhone Sales Will Hit 500k In Korea This Week As Google Search Grip Slows

In a sign of what’s to come as regulators tighten their grip on the search and browser markets, Apple in Korea has been asked to allow Koreans to use their own choice of search engine on the iPhone.

At present, Google is the default search engine on the iPhone, as it is on most Android-based phones. Apple does also offer Yahoo search as an option within the Safari Settings menu on the iPhone. There has also been recent talk of a move to offer Microsoft’s Bing search engine, perhaps as the default engine as the battle between Apple and Google grows.

Korean telecoms regulators want this choice of search engine extended, with the Korea Communications Commission (KCC), looking into whether the practice restrict consumer choice. Continue reading

Opinion: Apple’s App Store Hints Future Ads Strategy

Some say it isn’t where you’re going nor where you’ve been that counts, it’s just precisely where you’re at as you join your life’s internal dots. So let us now speculate on the meaning of the latest location-focused iTunes promo, as spotted by TechCrunch.

iTunes right now is featuring the top five location-based services via its iTunes Store, both on the Web and the iPhone. And we think the promo is a table-setting deal for future Apple ads-serving solutions. Continue reading

Google betters bookmarks in Chrome browser beta

Google has introduced a new beta of its Chrome browser for the Mac, fielding a plethora of big improvements in how the software handles bookmarks – which become usable with this release.

Google Chrome 5.0.342.5 has been released to the Dev channel on all platforms. The bookmarks improvement means users can happily add, click, drag, delete and rename their bookmarks.

Continue reading

Will Apple target Google next in HTC Android patent war?

HTC this morning denied Apple’s accusations the company has infringed iPhone patents following receipt of legal action.

“HTC is not only an innovator in mobile technology but also an owner of many patents. We take American and international patent rights protection seriously,” it said in a statement posted on the Taiwan Stock Exchange website.

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