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iPhone’s not just playing games

Above is the promo video for new iPhone title, ‘Hero of Sparta’ from developer Gameloft. The depth and quality of what this video indicates can be achieved for mobile gaming once again suggests that developers still have a way to go before they hit the limit of the current technology, let alone the potential for future iterations. (And with a faster processor, you should get even better action from an iPod touch).

Guitar Hero variant for the iPhone

Coming at you from Gameloft, Guitar Rock Tour is clearly part of the new wave of music-focused games for mobile, and it’s now available for your iPhone, as well as literally hundreds of other mobile phones.

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Apple iPhone is handheld gaming’s future?

We looked at the growing importance of video games in terms of dollars earlier on today. Now a clutch of reports underline Apple’s growing impact on that sector as the company surfs the digital tidal wave.

With sales of the device already creating a global audience in excess of 10 million users developers have a viable potential audience to which to sell their advanced mobile gaming experiences.

“Apple has become our biggest customer. We also believe we are the biggest or second biggest publisher on the iPhone in terms of revenues generated,” Gameloft CFO Alexandre de Rochefort said.

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