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HMV announces social music/media network

HMV has confirmed it will launch its own music and film ‘social discovery’ website – getcloser.com in the UK this autumn, preceeded by an open public beta testing period which begins in July..
GetCloser will invite music and film customers to share their interests with other members of the service offering users ways to find, rate, recommend and share different artists and films.
HMV plans to use its existing relationships to help add spice to its new social site, promising a “wealth of rich content”, this includes exclusive live footage of artist performances hosted by HMV stores. “Over time, the site will be enriched by content created and uploaded by users themselves,” the company says.
Additional features include a ‘connections-cloud’ function, which enables fans to create and surf connections based around their music and film collections and knowledge; and a special ‘ Collection Gaps’ function, which analyses a users’ collection to recommend titles and musical works they may also like (this sounds pretty similar to the technology Peter Gabriel and the Filter service are working on).
Users can import information about their iTunes libraries to a personalised home page. The service also offers ways to chat, send messages, join groups and create fan clubs.
Gideon Lask, HMV’s E-Commerce Director, said: “We want this to be the best, most popular music and film site for all fans and collectors everywhere. getcloser.com is not a social networking site, but it is all about discovery. We wanted to do something ground-breaking and different for music and film fans that is less about random socialising and networking, and more about them sharing their passion for their favourite artists, songs and movies.”