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Wolfgang’s Vault explains its musical iPhone app

Wolfgang’s Vault is the collector’s site for multimedia music memorabilia, offering a vast selection of some of the world’s rarest – and potentially most treasured – music and music-related “stuff”. And now it’s available in the UK, through your iPhone or your iPod touch.

We were in touch with Eric Johnson, President and CEO, Wolfgang’s Vault overnight, he describes his service as, “The only online site dedicated to telling the comprehensive story of the live music experience of the past five decades.”

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iTunes, Napster, others, no good for Zappa

Gail Zappa, the widow of Frank Zappa, is furious with iTunes and other digital music services, complaining the service offers music that is far too compressed – more so than the artist himself ever intended.

“It was Frank’s concept to limit to a format so that it was accurately represented, that being 16-bit technology – CDs. He didn’t want it compressed. So we’re currently in a lawsuit over this issue,” she said.

Zappa’s widow stressed that the music her husband made was meant to be heard at a certain quality – 16-bit, in fact.

“iTunes has been from the get-go massively compressed,” she said, “That’s fine perhaps if you’re Britney Spears… but it’s not fine for Frank Zappa’s music, and he was interested in protecting that,” she told the LA Times.
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Frank Zappa’s ‘Beat the Boots’ – on iTunes

A huge collection of Frank Zappa’s music is being made available through iTunes to mark the worldwide Independence Day celebration of indie music. The collection includes many out of print tracks.
The Zappa Family Trust is making Zappa’s 148-track long ‘Beat the Boots’ series available online – the only authorised Zappa catalogue to be made available on iTunes. The collection comprises a huge host of tracks that were originally distributed illegally by music bootleggers, so Zappa fought back with an official release.
TuneCore handled getting the music into iTunes, because the Zappa Family Trust saw the service as the fastest and easiest way to achieve the task with no loss of rights or royalties.
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