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Digital music slowly goes lossless – sans iTunes?

Passionato has become an award-winning digital music service, offering as it does top quality classical music downloads in an open format, but it may not be a long wait until record labels move to offer more music in high-quality FLAC and/or Apple Lossless formats, or so it appears.

While this season’s speculation continues to centre on claims Apple will introduce more major labels through its iTunes Plus service, a report from Topspin Media suggests the window of opportunity for purchase of a wide selection of music in lossless formats may be close to opening.

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Oasis offer US iTunes exclusive EP

Oasis have released a special iTunes-only single in the US.

The EP includes previously unreleased tracks, including a demo of current single ‘I’m Outta Time’ and remixes of ‘The Shock of the Lightning’ and ‘To Be Where There’s Life’.

In October, the band offered their new ‘Dig Out Your Soul’ album in the high-quality FLAC format two full weeks before the album officially shipped, exclusively through 7digital. There’s a wide-ranging interview with 7digital boss, Ben Drury, right here.

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An interview with 7digital’s Ben Drury

We caught up with UK online music service 7digital’s chief executive Ben Drury this week. A seasoned digital music industry professional, he shared his insights on Apple’s music market challenges as competition proliferates, social networking in music, lossless music downloads and much more.

Distorted Loop: Why does music matter?
Ben Drury: Although music is not defined in Maslow’s hierarchy of needs (ref: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maslow_hierarchy_of_needs), I believe it must figure pretty highly on most people’s lists.  In all cultures, with the possible exception of some extremist religious societies, music forms an integral part of self-expression, social cohesion, worship etc
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Better than iTunes – 7digital offers Oasis in FLAC

7digital will offer the all-new ‘Dig Out Your Soul’ album from Oasis in the high-quality FLAC format two full weeks before the album officially ships, the company announced today.

The album will be available exclusively on 7digital.com from Sunday 5 October 08 in FLAC format two weeks before anyone else. Better still, Oasis fans who buy the FLAC file will also receive a completely free MP3 version of the album on the day it officially ships.

The FLAC album will contain 11 tracks and cost £9.99 or £1.49 per track. The latest release follows on the success earlier this year of Radiohead’s ‘In Rainbows’ FLAC release on 7digital.com whereby 35 per cent of all In Rainbows sales through 7digital.com were in the FLAC format. 

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Passionato launches in UK – top quality classical

Passionato, the world’s largest collection of high-quality DRM-free classical music launches today in the UK.

Founded by highly experienced music industry maven and former president of the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra, James Glicker, Passionato lets classical music lovers browse, sample and download single tracks, works or albums from its catalogue of classical music recordings.

Music is sold either as 320kbps high-quality MP3s, or in the popular lossless FLAC format. Offering music at this quality seems a shrewd play to attract the most demanding audiophiles of all – classical music buffs, who have ignored online services because music quality is relatively poor.
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