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iTunes, other digital music stores explained

FATdrop has published a hugely interesting post, gathering together essential information on what 14 key music download stores offer labels selling music through their services.

“We hope it will be a valuable resource for new labels as well as established labels looking to get into digital music sales,” explained the company. If you’re in the business of making or selling music you may already be aware of some of this information, but the data reveals a host of interesting tidbits for fans and for industry alike.

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EatDigital sees business growth

Melbourne and Sydney-based digital promo company EatDigital.com recorded its busiest month ever in September.

Like UK-based firm, FatDrop or the iPool service, EatDigital offers a digital alternative for CD-based promo campaigns. Labels use this service to provide pre-release access to forthcoming music releases to journalists, DJs, radio hosts and others.

September was the best month yet for EatDigital, which promoted a total of 73 albums in September, the company claimed. Continue reading

FATdrop improves digital promo system

FATdrop today introduced the third version of its digital promo service, which lets record labels and promotion companies manage their pre-release music. 

The company has called its third-gen sevice Bamboo, and has managed to achieve many significant upgrades to the solution, making it easier than ever for labels to create, track and analyse what happens to the content they distribute – and secure digital promotion works, the company said.

The system lets labels securely distribute pre-release music, offering the ability to track and monitor who’s downloading promos, with downloads touched-up by Jova watermarking technology which gives each downloaded track a unique code, so it can be identified if it later turns up on a file- sharing site. Continue reading

Skint Records goes digital for DJ promo

Skint Records has reached a deal with FATdrop in order to provide promotional records to DJs digitally.
One of the biggest names in UK dance music, Skint Records is home of Fatboy Slim, Midfield General and X-Press 2. Skint will be using FATdrop’s digital promo service to send pre-release music to DJs, broadcasters and reviewers, replacing CD or vinyl mail outs.
“It will take us a couple of minutes to send out a digital promo, compared to a good few hours to mail several hundred CDs,” explains Andy Mckirdy, Skint Records. “It’s going to save us a huge amount of time.”
Using the FATdrop service, Skint will be able to easily create, manage, send and monitor promotions all in one place; slashing promo production costs, mail out costs and time spent chasing contacts.
The service also makes it easier to gather and evaluate reactions to new releases. labels and promoters can see how many people have received and downloaded a promo, how many clicks each promo has had, and the feedback it’s received.
Mckirdy explains: “We’ve been getting feedback from across the board that DJs and reviewers prefer digital; for DJs it means they get a track instantly wherever they are in the world, and for reviewers, it’s one less CD to rip.”
“FATdrop is over the moon to be working with industry legends, Skint Records,” said Chris Gorsuch, director and co-founder, FATdrop. “They helped put Brighton on the map for dance music, and we look up to them as an innovative local label with a worldwide presence.”
The first promo Skint will send out through FATdrop will be Detboi’s debut single for Skint ‘Jump Up Jump Down’.