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iPlayer downloads for Mac this month?

There’s been a whole hoo-hah about the BBC making it possible to download its TV shows to Mac and Linux computers – now it seems the broadcaster may be moving to launch the service, which is already available on Windows, and the launch could come this month, if a report’s to be believed.

The broadcaster has frequently gone on the record to say that it wants to make it possible to download shows from iPlayer to the Mac, but has castigated Apple for refusing to license FairPlay to the corporation in order to easily achieve this.

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Why the majors should go DRM-free with iTunes

Major labels are happy now to sell DRM-free music through retailers such as Amazon and 7Digital, but Apple remains locked out, with three of the four majors denying it permission to sell tracks DRM-free through its iTunes Plus service – even though it’s the largest US music retailer. But this may soon change.

9to5Mac claims Sony Music will make moves to license its tracks for sale through iTunes Plus in the coming “weeks or months”, with some speculating a potential announcement at Macworld San Francisco.

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Apple’s iTunes will face Norwegian gov’t investigation

Norwegian consumer champs want iTunes song sales opened up for playback on non-iPods

Norwegian consumer champs want iTunes song sales opened up for playback on non-iPods

Apple has issued a response to the Norwegian Consumer Ombudsman in relation to plans to launch action against iTunes before the country’s Market Council, says PC World.

Apparently Apple’s answer to accusations its media service breaches the Norwegian Marketing Control Act has failed to impress consumer advocates in Norway.

In a statement issued at the end of September Consumer Ombudsman Bjørn Erik Thon explained:

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Apple + Symbian in iTunes tie-up? Surely not

It may sound insane, but the latest impossible Apple rumour claims Cupertino is developing iTunes for Symbian-powered S60 smartphones.

We’ll believe it when we see it, but the claims – which even come with screenshots – suggest the new iTunes for Symbian software will be made available next year. And yes, it’s probably all fake..

The claims grow even more unlikely when the report states that the software will include API code licensed by Apple from Nokia designed to increase sound quality.
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