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Facebook fails $500m Twitter takeover

Facebook has failed in its bid to acquire Twitter for $500 million in stock following several weeks of intensive discussion, Kara Swisher reports for D: All Things Digital.

A deal between the two companies has been whispered of for weeks, but there was in fact meat on rumour’s bone, the report informs. Discussions began at the behest of Facebook in mid-October, the report informs.

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Boxee team release Apple TV upgrade, more

We’ve been writing a lot recently about Boxee, who develop a powerful media centre application for Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, and the Apple TV.

For Apple TV users, of course, the big news is that after an extensive push by the hard-working developers behind the project, the new version of the software that’s compatible with the recently-software-updated Apple TV 2.3 is available now.

Seems not only media-junkies have been paying attention. Boxee recently revealed a $4 million investment from Spark Capital and Union Square Ventures which will see Bijan Sabet from Spark and Fred Wilson from Union Square join the Boxee board.
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Big Brother is watching – crisis, or opportunity?

New Media Knowledge’s (NMK) next event looks at the pros and cons of behavioural targeting.

The event, which takes place in London on November 25, asks if  behavioural targeting will save internet publishing or if it is instead a moment that marks the death of privacy.

Although the potential audience for internet publications dwarfs that of print editions, digital ad revenues have lagged well behind those for the print publications they are slowly replacing, driving the industry to look to targeting ads to specific viewers.

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Social networking’s sexier than Blu-ray

The price of Blu-ray players and discs seems set to fall this season, as those involved seek to take the format into the mass market – meanwhile that market’s changing, with consumers flocking to sign-up to location-based social networking services for their mobile phones, a pair of ABI Research reports claim.

“Blu-ray vendors and dealers are starting to realize that for Blu-ray to become the next DVD, they need to lower player prices in order to generate interest and build volumes,” said ABI Research principal analyst Steve Wilson.
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UPDATED: Facebook plans digital music service – report

Facebook plans to launch its own digital music service in competition with MySpace Music, company CEO Mark Zuckerberg has said.

With social network competitor MySpace using its high-level News Corp. connections to launch a major label-friendly (some say too friendly) music service, Facebook – already hurting through sustained criticism of its new user interface and continually plagued by the challenge of monetising its traffic – plans to hit back.

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Wippit founder in iPhone and Facebook move

Bappz has introduced a brand new Facebook application built for Mothercare’s social networking site for parents Gurgle.com, ‘Name My Baby’.
“If you’re having a baby and are still uncertain of what name to choose, ‘Name My Baby’ provides a 20,000 name database to help you though the maze of choices,” the developers explain.

It’s not simply a reference service – you can enable an option for your Facebook friends to vote on their favourite names of those you are trying to decide between, and to make suggestions of their own. Continue reading

iLike opens up music online

iLike has introduced an open platform that enables developers to add interactive music features to their website or Facebook application.

The platform doesn’t use Adobe’s annoying Flash format for playback of files, choosing to use dead simple to build and deploy HTML and JavaScript. Users can create and edit playlists, listen to them and so on with no need to register with iLike.

“Having spent years building the underlying technology for iLike’s music service, we decided to help other developers use our underlying technology, without difficult coding, without much server-side engineering, and without having to understand the hassles and complexities of the world’s vast catalog of music,” iLike explained on its blog.

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Thievery Corporation + iLike, Facebook, iTunes

DJ and production duo Thievery Corporation have teamed up with iLike and Facebook to stream their new album ‘Radio Retaliation’ exclusively across iLike beginning September 19, five days before the album’s release on September 23.

This is the first time iLike and Facebook have jointly promoted a worldwide listening event, which will take place during the album’s exclusive window of pre-order availability at iTunes. Additionally, Thievery Corporation have made a series of video messages, in which they introduce and discuss their highly anticipated new album, that iLike will premier and distribute across the Web.
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