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Apple number one in UK/European education sectors

kidsDon’t tell the press, but we hear Apple continues to make major strides in the UK and European education markets, emerging as the leading platform for both.

The most recent Gartner Research data claims Apple continues to maintain itself as the number one computer manufacturer in the Western Europe education market for Q1 2009 with a healthy 26.4 per cent of market share.

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Apple offers Europe door-to-door fulfillment

Apple has introduced a new Europe-wide gift delivery service, enabling customers to buy products from the company store for delivery across Europe.

When customers buy from the Apple Online Stores using the new gifting service, they are guaranteed safe, secure payment using credit cards; courier delivery to family and friends across 15 European countries; with returns and refunds are covered by the return policy of the Apple Online Store where the recipient is based enabling easy local returns.

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Why the majors should go DRM-free with iTunes

Major labels are happy now to sell DRM-free music through retailers such as Amazon and 7Digital, but Apple remains locked out, with three of the four majors denying it permission to sell tracks DRM-free through its iTunes Plus service – even though it’s the largest US music retailer. But this may soon change.

9to5Mac claims Sony Music will make moves to license its tracks for sale through iTunes Plus in the coming “weeks or months”, with some speculating a potential announcement at Macworld San Francisco.

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EMI hires online talent to run catalogue

EMI Music has appointed one of the first wave of internet industry plus music visionaries, PeopleSound.com founder Ernesto Schmitt as president of its catalogue business, reporting to Elio Leoni-Sceti, EMI Music’s chief executive.  He will join EMI next month.
Schmitt, 38, joins EMI from DSG International, Europe’s second largest consumer electronics retailer which operates the Dixons, Currys and PC World stores.

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Europe votes against ‘three strikes’ law

The European Parliament has once again voted to prevent EU member states from imposing a “three strikes” rule against unauthorised file sharers.

In April MEPs supported measures added within a bill “to avoid adopting measures conflicting with civil liberties and human rights and with the principles of proportionality, effectiveness and dissuasiveness, such as the interruption of Internet access”.

Called to vote once again, the majority of MEPs voted against the lunatic measure, which would see file-sharers caught illegally sharing media three times struck off the internet for good. The vote came in at 573-74 in favour. Continue reading

Apple’s Jobs, Stone’s Jagger get EU warning

European competition commissioner Neelie Kroes today told an audience of industry luminaries, including Apple’s Steve Jobs, Mick Jagger of the Rolling Stones and a quarry of music and technology chiefs they must do better.

Kroes warned the audience – bought together for a private meeting in Brussels today – that the EU may have to step in unless music and technology chiefs stop fighting and figure out a better way to distribute music in Europe.

“Consumers have complained that copyright rules prevent digital music downloads when the same songs can be bought on CD from an online retailer,” Bloomberg explains.

And unless the sundry chiefs meet the challenge of doing business in a unified common market (as the EU is), then European trade enforcers will step in and force them too, Kroes warned. A report drafted with the help of Jagger is due to be published in October. Continue reading

Napster European revenues up 23%

Napster today confirmed it recorded a 23 per cent revenue increase in its European markets for the fiscal year 2008, ending March 31, 2008.

The company says it delivered 400 million tracks as full-length streams, tethered downloads or purchased tracks. “Since inception, more than three million music lovers in six European countries have signed up for the Napster mobile and PC services, while Napster’s user base in the United Kingdom and Germany grew by over 25 per cent in terms of PC-based subscriptions,” the company said.
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Mobile set for content explosion

Mobile services in Europe will be mulling over this morning’s news from Japan, where the Japanese market for mobile music purchases jumped 42 per cent last year, reaching a value of ¥1.1 trillion, by far the biggest growth story of an otherwise explosive year for the mobile business sector.
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Pan-EU licensing deal for music announced

Buma/Stemra, the Dutch music rights collecting society, and online electronic music retailer, Beatport, have announced the signature of a pan-European licensing agreement for authors’ rights in music..
The Beatport – Buma/Stemra licensing model provides the online music service provider with a one-stop-shop for all authors’ rights for music for 27 European countries.
The issue of multi-territorial licensing of music rights has been very much in the news over the past few days following the European Commission’s decision in the so-called CISAC competition case. The decision requires music collecting societies to end some anti-competitive practices opening the way to more multi-territorial licensing.
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