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iTunes, other digital music stores explained

FATdrop has published a hugely interesting post, gathering together essential information on what 14 key music download stores offer labels selling music through their services.

“We hope it will be a valuable resource for new labels as well as established labels looking to get into digital music sales,” explained the company. If you’re in the business of making or selling music you may already be aware of some of this information, but the data reveals a host of interesting tidbits for fans and for industry alike.

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Boxee team release Apple TV upgrade, more

We’ve been writing a lot recently about Boxee, who develop a powerful media centre application for Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, and the Apple TV.

For Apple TV users, of course, the big news is that after an extensive push by the hard-working developers behind the project, the new version of the software that’s compatible with the recently-software-updated Apple TV 2.3 is available now.

Seems not only media-junkies have been paying attention. Boxee recently revealed a $4 million investment from Spark Capital and Union Square Ventures which will see Bijan Sabet from Spark and Fred Wilson from Union Square join the Boxee board.
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Department of Eagles make an eMusic record

Indie-flavoured music subscription service, eMusic, today announced that it has sold 250 million MP3 downloads since establishing its current subscription model in 2003.

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EMI hires former MyCokeMusic chief

EMI continues to refocus itself as a Web 2.0 music company, working to connect music makers with their fans..

…now as part of the deal to raise the value of music beyond that of a commodity, the company has appointed former MyCokeMusic leader, Rafael McDonnell to the new role of vice president – brand partnerships, licensing and synchronization for the UK and Ireland.

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eMusic boss to leave the company

Digital music’s longest-lasting CEO other than Steve Jobs or much-lamented Wippit service’s Paul Myers, eMusic’s David Pakman is to leave the enduring company for a venture capital group at the end of the year, he revealed this week.

Pakman has watched stores from MTV, Microsoft, Sony, Yahoo, and AOL come and go. “We outlasted almost every other digital entity in the space,” Pakman said. “We’ve proven the business model, growing the company by five times. I’ve had an amazing team.”

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eMusic warns BPI, ISP deal to affect digital music

The recent music industry deal with ISP’s could put power over music retail into the hands of the networks, undermining the good work done by the likes of iTunes, Napster and eMusic, eMusic CEO David Pakman warns.

As part of the deal between labels and ISPs to combat file-sharing in the UK, the music industry has made a commitment to license catalogue to ISPs in order that the latter are enabled to launch their own download services for customers.

And with the debate on net neutrality still actively ongoing, Pakman is concerned ISPs may eventually throttle bandwidth in order to favour their own services over those that pioneered legitimate download sales.
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Subs get gloomy, Napster losses climb

Subscription-based music services lack that essential magic touch, with consumers abandoning them in droves – and Napster particularly hard hit.

Napster admitted last night that the number of subscribers to its service fell between April and May by 52,000 to 708,000. The company’s net loss grew 2% to $4.38 million.

Perhaps the only successful subs model in operation right now comes from eMusic. Unlike Napster, where most tracks are shrouded in DRM, eMusic’s entire four million track catalogue is available for purchase DM-free.
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eMusic catalogue reaches 4 million tracks

Online music retailer, eMusic, this week announced the size of its global music catalogue has reached four million tracks.

The company now offers music from over 40,000 record labels, Music is sold on a subscription basis, in which users can download a set number of tracks each month in return for their money.

All music sold through eMusic is sold in a DRM-free MP3 format. However, major labels have so far refused to license their music through the service, which counts itself as the number two music service after iTunes.

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eMusic makes satnav music deal

eMusic has hitched up with satnav people, Garmin, to offer 35 free music tracks to customers purchasing a new and compatible Garmin satnav.

Clive Taylor Product Director of Garmin (Europe) said: “Garmin prides itself on the ethos of vertical integration and is designing its products with this in mind.

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eMusic slams iTunes, gets social, looks good

eMusic today implemented the social discovery and Web 2.0 features of its independent music retail website, in hope of taking more chunks from the low interaction offered by the world’s largest music store, iTunes.
The service confirmed reports earlier this week that it planned to implement a host of new Web 2.0 features. These are designed to offer eMusic customers more musical context than any other site by pulling in relevant content from around the web and allowing them to share their finds with their friends on major social networks, bookmarking sites and blogs.
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