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Video: Penguin explains stage one of the reinvention of the book

We talked about Penguin and others in their plans for the iPad yesterday, so there’s no sense repeating what was said. However, these two videos (courtesy of PaidContent UK) should make for interesting new insights into the publishers’ plans for the iPad and other next-gen eReader devices (at least until the electricity gets turned off…)..

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iPhone users get to grips with a page-turner

Since introduction last week iPhone app “Classics” has achieved a huge amount of coverage, with commentators liking its implementation of eBook-reading software on the platform.

Perhaps the most attractive feature of Classics is that pages turn more like a real book, with an animated representation of the page turning. This may not sound like much, but does seem to make for a more familiar reading experience – somehow it helps hold attention.

The software also offers visual bookmarks, and a fully realized bookcase for your collection, which for now, includes a growing collection of classic novels.

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