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As Predicted: Marvel Comics Come To Apple’s iPad

We predicted this for months, people, and now it has come true – and we fear for the future of those nice enthusiastic young people who love to work in that last refuge of friendly geekery, the comic shop – Marvel (owned by Steve Jobs’ Disney since last year) has introduced an iPad application for comic reading. Continue reading

Disney to remake Beatles “Yellow Submarine” movie

Walt Disney Co is to remake the zany 1960s Beatles movie “Yellow Submarine” in 3-D in a deal with the Apple Corp.

Disney Studios chairman Dick Cook said on Friday the new “Yellow Submarine” will be directed by Oscar-winning director Robert Zemeckis using the same motion-capture effects he employed in the family movie “Polar Express.”

It will incorporate the 16 Beatles songs and recordings from the original film, licensed from Sony/ATV Music Publishing and EMI Capitol Records.

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Disney’s Ultimate Band dons Plain White T’s

With the success of Guitar Hero and Rock Band, it really was only a matter of time before a gamut of that genre of gaming title hit the market, and now Disney Interactive Studios has announced ‘Ultimate Band’, a game which will feature music from the Plain White T’s.

Announced in February and developed by Fall Line Studio in Salt Lake City, Utah, Ultimate Band takes players through the star system, from first getting together to becoming rock royalty. It ships in the US in the coming weeks.

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Free fantasy for iTunes users in US

Beginning today, Disney-ABC Domestic Television is offering US viewers an extended preview of its highly-anticipated epic fantasy series “Legend of the Seeker” before its November 1st premiere weekend.

The network is offering a sneak preview of the nationally-syndicated series as a free download, making this exclusively available through iTunes.

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Apple, Disney sit-out collective movie studio plan

Major Hollywood film studios are teaming-up, working together in an attempt to create a standard approach to the DRM types used in various online movie stores – though some notable names are refusing to play ball.

The studios have begun what they are calling their Open Market digital initiative, an attempt to simplify the way consumers interact with online film services by harmonsing DRM use.
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Spiderman creator spins online

Spiderman creator, Stan Lee, has reached a deal to publish his latest comic book series, ‘Time Jumper’, online and on digital devices – iPods, mobile phones, and also as a traditional comic book.

The deal, with Walt Disney, means the publisher will make the new comic available through myriad channels. Speaking to the Financial Times, Lee said: “Comics have always been a springboard for movies,” Lee told the FT. “This deal means they can be a springboard for a new form of entertainment.”
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