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MP3 headphones may affect pacemakers

OK, here’s a tale that’s set to circulate this morning – heck, since the American Heart Association put out it’s press release Sunday afternoon, even the Mail’s picked it up.

Before the story went through the usual media circus of whispers and slight opinion, we thought you may want to take a look at the original research. Also to let you know there’s a video report on these new findings here. Release follows:

MP3 headphones interfere with implantable defibrillators, pacemakers

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Now MySpace plans an ‘iPod-killer’

MySpace may have plans to introduce its very own ‘iPod-killer’ to supplement its newly-introduced music download service, company CEO Chris DeWolf explained at the Web 2.0 summit in San Francisco yesterday.

There’s no big rush to do so, however, with DeWolf simply conceding “it’s possible” before stressing his company remains focused on the music service right now.

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Apple keeps digital music grip in Q3

Apple’s grip on the digital music player market remains strong, while its landgrab on the mobile device space through the iPhone remains a serious contender.
The company announced its quarterly results yesterday. While the accounting period didn’t include all the recent sales of the much-hyped iPhone 3G, Apple confirmed sales of 717,000 iPhones during the quarter.
Apple’s iPod throne remains solid, while growth rates have slowed, the company still sold 11,011,000 iPods for $1.678B in revenue.
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