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Adobe Flash video DRM compromised?

Adobe is likely in hot water this weekend, with news that a security hole in Flash means users can get free access to record and copy video and movies made available using the software.

Amazon.com’s online movie service is apparently affected, meaning users can easily grab a copy of films – even those theoretically protected against such use.

Apparently, the flaw lies in the Flash video servers. “The software doesn’t encrypt online content, but only orders sent to a video player such as start and stop play. To boost download speeds, Adobe dropped a stringent security feature that protects the connection between the Adobe software and its players,” Reuters explains.

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Internet Movie database offers movies for free

Amazon.com has announced that its Internet Movie Database subsidiary has introduced free streaming of full-length movies and TV shows.

The new feature launches with over 6,000 titles provided by CBS, Hulu, Sony Pictures Television and over 500 independents, including films like “Fever Pitch,” “Hoop Dreams” and “Raising Arizona,” and TV shows such as “24,” “CSI,” “The Simpsons” and “Buffy the Vampire Slayer.”

The site will also offer season premiere episodes of “Knight Rider,” “Lipstick Jungle,” “Chuck,” “Life” and “30 Rock” before their broadcast debuts.
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Mickey Mouse gets mean

Walt Disney CEO Bob Iger today called on ISPs to ban people who illegally download content.

Disney owns US network ABC and produces a range of hit shows including Desperate Housewives and Lost. Iger was speaking in London.

Iger was referring to the recently-announced deal under which six of the UK’s biggest ISPs will begin sending warning letters to customers that copyright bodies claim have downloaded content.
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Argos on Ghostbusters flash drive buy

UK high street retailer Argos is selling a 2GB USB flash drive that ships with Ghostbusters the movie pre-loaded.

It’s an interesting new twist, where the music industry has been peddling tunes on USB sticks, this is the first time a film has been sold in this way, in a partnership between PNY and Sony Pictures Home Entertainment.
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Shorts Int’l offers top-class films through iTunes

An inspiring collection of short films – The Animation Collection – is now available via Shorts International through the iTunes Store in the US, UK and Canada.

The collection includes a host of excellent short pictures, including the 2008 Oscar winning short title, ‘Peter and the Wolf’ and 2008 Oscar Nominee, ‘Even Pigeons Go To Heaven’. We have a short clip from the former film available after the jump.
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Apple, Disney sit-out collective movie studio plan

Major Hollywood film studios are teaming-up, working together in an attempt to create a standard approach to the DRM types used in various online movie stores – though some notable names are refusing to play ball.

The studios have begun what they are calling their Open Market digital initiative, an attempt to simplify the way consumers interact with online film services by harmonsing DRM use.
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iTunes films for Australia, New Zealand

iTunes users in Australia and New Zealand can now select from over 700 films for purchase and rental through the service.

The selection includes titles from 20th Century Fox, The Walt Disney Studios, Paramount Pictures, Warner Bros. Entertainment, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios Inc. (MGM), Sony Pictures Television International and Lionsgate are available through iTunes in Australia and in New Zealand.
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MPAA planning site to offer legit movie links

The Motion Picture Association of America has tried any number of tactics to fight piracy, but its latest scheme might actually prove useful to movie consumers on the Internet. The group is supposedly working on a new website that will offer information on how to find legit sources of movies so that users won’t have to resort to copyright infringem

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