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BBC launches iPlayer downloads for Mac, Linux

A few weeks later than we predicted, the BBC today introduced new iPlayer software that lets Mac and Linux users download shows to their computers for offline viewing, a feature enjoyed by Windows users since the launch of the service.

If you are in the UK and connected to the internet you can already play programmes from the past seven days and watch them on the website through Click to Play (streaming). This works on Windows, Macs, Linux, Nintendo Wii and iPhones.

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Project Kangaroo rejected by regulator

Plans by UK broadcasters the BBC, ITV and Channel 4 to launch joint TV-on demand catch-up service for UK viewers Project Kangaroo where this morning rejected by the UK Competition Commission.

The Competition Commission provisionally concluded that the proposed joint venture will restrict competition in the supply of video-on-demand services in the UK. It does not, however, expect the joint venture to lead to a substantial lessening of competition in online advertising or content acquisition. The full report will be published shortly.

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Michael Grade: YouTube is a ‘parasite’

ITV executive chairman Michael Grade had some pretty strong things to say about YouTube and services of its ilk at IBC this week, calling YouTube a “parasite”, Grade stressed his belief that ITV has a long-term future.

So why is YouTube a parasite, and how come there’s a future for television? In truth, like everything else, the secret is content, the executive explained. YouTube’s success is based on living off content created by broadcasters including ITV Grade maintains.

“The day that Google or Joost or any of these people start investing £1bn a year in UK content is the day I’ll start to be worried,” he said.
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Apple plans iTunes TV broadcasting?

Apple appears to be hatching some kind of plan to transform iTunes into a television broadcasting solution, according to a recent patent filing with the US Patent and Trademark Office.

Apple’s patent posits broadcast services that will be made available from iTunes that will work with a new add-on accessory for the iPod and iPhone. The proposed accessory would “also work with Yahoo and Microsoft subscription services”, MacNN claims.
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