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Is this the best-sounding iPod speaker system?

It’s open to question whether this particular iPod speaker system is the key to unlock the device’s use in the audiophile market, but it looks the business.

Radio manufacturer/developer Revo. has introduced its iPod speaker system, The BLOK, a docking station that uses patented technology from Cambridge based NXT.
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Inventor of MP3 promises October keynote

Professor Doctor Karlheinz Brandenburg, director ofthe Fraunhofer Institute for Digital Media Technology will speak at a key US event for film and broadcast media professionals.

Often referred to as the father of MP3, Dr. Brandenburg will deliver the keynote address at the SMPTE 2008: Annual Tech Conference & Expo. He will offer attendees his vision for the future of digital media, including immersive entertainment, 3D audio and video, and interactivity.

The good doctor can rightly claim to have been the driving force behind some of today’s most seminal – and disruptive – technologies, including the MP3 and AAC MPEG audio standards, for which he performed the linchpin research and later headed the team that developed and expanded the solutions.
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Musinaut launches interactive music format

Move over MP3, there’s a new music format in town, at least that’s the message from French firm, Musinaut, which today introduced its MXP4 (Multiplied Experience Platform in 4D) digital audio format.

What’s interesting about MXP4 is that it combines both high-quality audio with a series of additional features designed to make files themselves more interactive and capable of multimedia deployments than existing formats.

The technology enables musicians and record labels to provide listeners with more engaging content, such as the original song along with multiple versions of the composition, graphics and text (lyrics and so on), all within a single low data download.
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