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300 million iPhone App downloads – Apple

Apple has confirmed 300 million application downloads through its App Store since launch on July 11, 2008.

The five month achievement is noted within a pair of iPhone ads published Friday in the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times. The company also confirmed that in excess of 10,000 applications are now available through the App Store.

The two ads name a range of available applications for the device, including: Facebook; Bank of America; Urbanspoon; Shazam; Asphalt 4; eBay; APMobile News; Bloomberg; Mandarin; Remote’ Sudoku; Flight Status; Loopt; Spore; QuickVoice and AIM.

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Apple enables iPhone dev app give-aways

Apple has at last simplified developer’s lives, introducing support for promo codes for iPhone app give-aways.

iPhone developers have until now been forced to use unwieldy methods to give away copies of their applications, including the requirement they offer those they want to give their apps to an iTunes voucher for the download, or use the awkward Ad-hoc copy system.

However, the new solution is far from perfect: developers can only give away up to 50 promotional codes per application version (why?) and the promo codes can only be used in the US iTunes Store (why?).

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Apple updates iPhone SDK

Apple has released new tools for developers creating applications for the iPhone and iPod touch, iPhone SDK 2.2. The release follows last week’s introduction of the new 2.2 software for users running the devices.

The 1.6GB download is optimized for devices with firmware 2.2 installed and requires the host Mac be running Mac OS X 10.5.5 (the latest version of the OS). The SDK is made available free to registered developers.

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The eight rules of iPhone development

Research firm Create With Context’s principal researcher Bill Westerman has published an interesting account of how iPhone users learn to use their device, data which suggests the following rules for iPhone development.

1/ Take advantage of learned behaviors
“Oh, this works just like the calendar”

2/ Avoid interaction inconsistencies
“This is weird, cancel is usually over there”

3/ Provide clear conceptual link across widgets
“This button must be related to that box, they’re next to each other”

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Apple’s Joswiak – iPhone is “future of gaming”

Apple’s iPhone is becoming a major force in the mobile gaming market, said Apple product manager Greg Joswiak this week, and competitors – including Nintendo and Sony – are extremely concerned at the company’s looming threat to their market, he added.

Speaking to Stuff magazine, Joswiak predicted a huge range of gaming titles will be made available in the months to come. And with the iPhone (and iPod touch) offering better graphics, accelerometers and advanced processors, the Apple head honcho described the devices as “the future of gaming.

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New research details who are the iPhone users

Apple’s iPhone holds all the advantages with UK user satisfaction in the UK off the charts, newly-published research reveals.

Digital media industry executives from firms including BBC, BskyB, Google, Orange and others met last night at a packed invite-only event – mashup* – where they discussed the commercial opportunities of the iPhone and similar devices.

mashup* is a membership-based discussion community of executives, entrepreneurs and investors affected by and working within the digital technology sector.

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