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Apple number one in UK/European education sectors

kidsDon’t tell the press, but we hear Apple continues to make major strides in the UK and European education markets, emerging as the leading platform for both.

The most recent Gartner Research data claims Apple continues to maintain itself as the number one computer manufacturer in the Western Europe education market for Q1 2009 with a healthy 26.4 per cent of market share.

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Dell, Elvis Costello and Sundance seek cool factor

Dell may have done an about face on any plans to compete with Apple through introduction of a Dell-branded digital device, but it looks like it intends going ahead with some musical associations as it attempts to acquire an iota of ‘cool factor’.

Sundance Channel and Dell plan to collaborate on a 13-part in-depth music and chat series, presented by Elvis Costello and co-produced by Sir Elton John’s Rocket Pictures (with Elton John serving as one of the program’s Executive Producers).

The show. ‘Spectacle: Elvis Costello with…’, promise in-depth discussions around music and influences featuring interesting artists and personalities.

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Warning: huge dip in Xmas US PC/gadget sales

New research warns of a massive breakdown in consumer spending in the next 90-days, hinting Apple’s rumoured moves to cut production of iPhones and laptops and Dell’s decision to doom its return to the digital media device market may not be marks of lost market share, but simple common sense.

New research from ChangeWave, the ‘‘Consumer Spending Report’ and ‘Consumer PC Report‘, warns of the breakdown in US consumer spending and of a “dismal” 90-Day outlook in all consumer spending categories.

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Apple cuts laptop production – report

Apple management appear to be setting the scene for a tough few months as global governments engage in plans to prevent economic melt-down, with recent claims of reduced iPhone production now joined by claims of laptop production decreases.

DigiTimes today is reporting that Apple and Asustek recently reduced their “notebook outsourcing for the fourth quarter this year by 20-30 per cent”, causing repercussions at Quanta and other manufacturers.

Asustek’s estimated Q4 notebook shipments will only reach 1.7 million units, the report says, noting that demand in the first half of the year is likely to decline.

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Dell shelves MP3 player plan – for now…

Dell has shelved previously-revealed plans to launch an own-brand MP3 player.

While the company never confirmed such plans, Dell had been expected to introduce its new device in time for the holidays this year, now those plans appear shelved “indefinitely”.

The product development team for the project is led by a former Apple product manager tasked with development of the new device, Tim Bucher.

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Creative accounting looks bleak

Zen and MuVo music player manufacturer, Creative Technology, returned net losses of $31.7 million in its fourth quarter ended June 30, up from a loss of $19.3 million a year earlier.

Sales dropped 16 per cent to $139.5 million, the company said, warning of lower sales ahead on account of “adverse economic conditions” and increased future competition – prinicipally from Dell’s potential move back into the market.
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Dell cools Apple attack MP3 player plot

Dell has moved to quell earlier reports the company plans a second stand against Apple in the MP3 player market.

The Wall Street Journal this week claimed Dell to be testing a player that could go on sale as soon as September, this device would be supported by the introduction of an online download service, the report claimed.

Following the report, a Dell spokesmen would only admit that while an MP3 player was under consideration, no final decision has yet been made:
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Dell takes on Apple in digital music

Dell is making plans to enter the digital music market once again, and has been testing a new music player that may go on sale as soon as September, a report claims.

It’s not the first time Dell has attempted to secure space in the digital music market, but it withdrew its previous MP3 player – the DJ Ditty (pictured) – in the face of the Apple juggernaut (and extremely low sales).

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