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2007: Steve Jobs shows Fadell’s future

The time: January 2007; The place: Steve Jobs announces the first-gen iPhone. The event – around the 5.15 point in this clip you’ll see the Apple boss add a name to his favourites list, and then delete another.

“Tony’s changing his number, so I won’t need that”, said Jobs as he deleted him. Tony of course is iPod father, Tony Fadell, whose departure was revealed last week. I’ve said it before – he’s honest is Jobs, but never transparent. Daring Fireball found this first.

The eight rules of iPhone development

Research firm Create With Context’s principal researcher Bill Westerman has published an interesting account of how iPhone users learn to use their device, data which suggests the following rules for iPhone development.

1/ Take advantage of learned behaviors
“Oh, this works just like the calendar”

2/ Avoid interaction inconsistencies
“This is weird, cancel is usually over there”

3/ Provide clear conceptual link across widgets
“This button must be related to that box, they’re next to each other”

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