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Jonathan Ross buys five Macs, uses Sonos

He’s a big Mac user who is addicted to console games and wants his digital music in every room – who is he? It’s Jonathan Ross.

Jonathan Ross seems in vogue for all the wrong reasons, pilloried both by the press and the NIMBY residents of Middle England for some juvenile prank with comedian Russell Brand in which both men dropped the ball while trying to humorously promote a band called the ‘Satanic Sluts’.

Forced to take months off by the BBC’s refusal to stand up for its talent in the face of Mary Whitehouse-style criticism, Ross this week purchased five new model MacBooks to help while away his time.

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Stereo MCs get connected

UK online music and media download service, Wippit, is giving away a Stereo MCs video album in association with the Daily Star for free. The video is a live concert recording, exclusive to Wippit which contains four tracks from the forthcoming album, previously named as ‘Double Bubble’, available later this month.
The move follows the band’s decision to give away a free live album ‘Live In Europe 08’, to fans attending a London live performance last month.
Their most recent album, Paradise, was released in 2005. ‘Elevate My Mind’ by the Stereos was the first British hip hop single to reach the U.S. R&B chart. They’re also known for 1992’s breakthrough ‘Connected’. Continue reading