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Jamendo offers creative license

There’s always space for an evolving alternative. Perhaps one of the more interesting alternatives to the major label-sponsored online music system comes from the really quite noteworthy Jamendo service.

What’s interesting about Jamendo is that it offers free access and free download of music tracks, tracks which are published under the Creative Commons licences. Artists choose to give Jamendo users free access to their music.
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Lawrence Lessig on file-sharing

A rather interesting interview with Creative Commons campaigner, Lawrence Lessig, is available now. But wait, there’s more – this clip was made available by ArtistshouseMusic as part of a good collection of video chats, courses and other information that should be of huge use to musicians, or anyone involved in or interested in the changing music business. You can access their YouTube channel here.
Many thanks to Gerd Leonhard for the link.