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As Predicted: Marvel Comics Come To Apple’s iPad

We predicted this for months, people, and now it has come true – and we fear for the future of those nice enthusiastic young people who love to work in that last refuge of friendly geekery, the comic shop – Marvel (owned by Steve Jobs’ Disney since last year) has introduced an iPad application for comic reading. Continue reading

Transformers leap to iPhone as comic publishers prep iPad attacks

More from the wonderful world of comic publishing on the iPhone and in future, iPad, with Titan Publishing’s introduction of the first issue of its official Transformer’s comic for the iPhone.

Now, we’ve been speaking to comics industry insiders in recent months and we know that this latest title is the thin end of a very big wedge….

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Apple’s Comic Capers hint at Tablets future

mayhem_coverWell, if you’re waiting for Apple’s eBook attack, it may have already begun – and it seems to underline some expectation of an Apple tablet, according to a report on Fortune…

Tyrese Gibson’s Mayhem is the first digital book for sale on iTunes 9

“Take a look at the Mayhem comic iTunes LP ($1.99), and it’s easy to see the potential of book or magazine sales over Apple’s digital store. For starters, Apple has amazing reach – there are more than 100 million iTunes accounts connected to credit cards, which is a sizable audience. In the Mayhem iTunes LP itself there is a beautiful flow to the action; new panels zoom into the foreground as others fade away.

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Watch out, huge ‘Watchmen’ collection on iTunes

An interesting collection of video, podcasts, trailers and more for the hotly-anticipated movie version of classic graphic novel, ‘Watchmen’, has been made available through iTunes.

The collection includes unique features about the film, along with an iPhone/iPod touch application designed to deliver these assets to users of those Apple mobile devices.

It includes exclusive “Watchmen” film sequence, previously only shown at San Diego’s Comic-Con Convention; the Essential Watchmen app for iPhone and iPod touch; multiple behind-the-scenes video journal podcasts; film clips; trailers; and other features exploring the creation of one of the most anticipated films of 2009.

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Peanuts animated video comics – free from iTunes

Linus and Charlie Brown videos have been made available for free through iTunes USA, courtesy of Warner Digital.

The first two episodes of Warner Premiere’s Peanuts Motion Comics – the first fully animated motion comic from Warner Premiere are being made available. Peanuts is the first fully animated series in the Warner Premiere Motion Comics digital content category.

In these free episodes, Linus runs for class president with Charlie Brown as his running mate.

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