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Jonathan Ross buys five Macs, uses Sonos

He’s a big Mac user who is addicted to console games and wants his digital music in every room – who is he? It’s Jonathan Ross.

Jonathan Ross seems in vogue for all the wrong reasons, pilloried both by the press and the NIMBY residents of Middle England for some juvenile prank with comedian Russell Brand in which both men dropped the ball while trying to humorously promote a band called the ‘Satanic Sluts’.

Forced to take months off by the BBC’s refusal to stand up for its talent in the face of Mary Whitehouse-style criticism, Ross this week purchased five new model MacBooks to help while away his time.

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Spiderman creator spins online

Spiderman creator, Stan Lee, has reached a deal to publish his latest comic book series, ‘Time Jumper’, online and on digital devices – iPods, mobile phones, and also as a traditional comic book.

The deal, with Walt Disney, means the publisher will make the new comic available through myriad channels. Speaking to the Financial Times, Lee said: “Comics have always been a springboard for movies,” Lee told the FT. “This deal means they can be a springboard for a new form of entertainment.”
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