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Archive: an interview with Coil

Coil were a hugely influential UK experimental/industrial music group formed in 1982 by John Balance and his lover Peter Christopherson. Following the tragic death of John Balance on 13 November 2004, Peter Christopherson announced that Coil as an entity had ceased to exist.

I was fortunate to interview both men around thirteen years ago. I came across this interview in my archive today, and thought it worth re-publishing, as it was only ever made available in a limited circulation print title I then ran. It’s available here now as a gesture of respect for the band.
JR: Tell us about your new album?
COIL: I had this Lovecraftian idea that somehow something from another planet, an intelligence was guiding our music. We did an album as ELPH and that was absolutely this – the idea that something was guiding you rather than just doing a rock album.

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