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Apple wants video in the cloud, hates Amazon’s download deals, no Flash for US Virgin….

A trio of overnight reports that seem worth a mention but already appear well-worn online – with Apple planning to store movies and TV shows in the cloud, iTunes team members trying to tempt labels away from free download deals with Amazon and Virgin America dumping Flash in a love tryst with the iPad.

CNet tells us that Apple reps have been speaking with major film studios about enabling iTunes users to store movies/TV shows they legally own in the cloud on Apple servers. This extends previous notions Apple intends letting iTunes users host their collection in the cloud for access from anywhere using any connected device.

(We’ve been reporting this since last year, by the way)

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Logitech links with MP3 tunes for music gadget

MP3tunes has announced that its MP3tunes Music Locker is now available with the new Logitech Squeezebox Boom all-in-one network music player.

The Squeezebox Boom offers an integrated amplifier, high-performance speakers and is easy to set up – it also offers WiFi, so you can stream music around the home or off of the internet.

The combination of the Logitech device with MP3tunes Music Locker at last means music fans can store their music library online (in the cloud) for playback throughout their home.
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