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Google parses Chinese MP3 search service

Google plans to introduce a dedicated MP3 search feature in China in time for the Olympics.

A local Xinhua report emanating from Sina.com makes the claim, saying the search giant has been testing MP3 searches in recent weeks. If correctly described, the new service performs searches only for legally-listed tracks.
This will be the first time Google has provided an MP3 search service and puts the company in direct competition with Baidu.com, its biggest rival.

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China gains online indie music store

An online music store for China has opened up for business, offering non-Chinese independent labels and artists a rare route into the local music market.

Digital distributor IODA has partnered with R2G, a leading digital distributor in China to launch the Wawawa Music Store at www.wa3.cn.

This could be a good – though challenging – market to enter: a recent survey found one in three music fans in China will pay for downloads, particularly music they can’t find in music shops.
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