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Charlatans UK Tim Burgess speaks on free music

Legendary UK act, The Charlatans (known as Charlatans UK in the USA) gave their tenth album – You Cross My Path – away for free through UK radio station XFM earlier this year. I caught up with lead singer, Tim Burgess, just before the release to ask, ‘what’s going on?’ Once again, this interview appeared in print in a UK magazine, but others may be interested in taking a look. 

From getting together in 1989 to the present, The Charlatans have spawned a string of hits. They first emerged when they released the still-enduring ‘The Only One I Know’ in 1991, a track which put them solidly beside their ‘Madchester’ peers, the Stone Roses and Happy Mondays.

They won success with their use of dance rhythms and psychedelic 60’s swirling organs, suspended above fabulous grooves and lyrically eloquent Rolling Stones-inspired songs. Albums ‘The Charlatans’ and ‘Tellin’ Stories’ underline their legacy, while collected singles compilation ‘Melting Pot’ is an essential selection for any discerning music lover, with its collection of classic songs, including the Chemical Brothers remix of ‘Patrol’ and eternal favourite ‘North Country Boy’.

Flash forward to the present day, and the band last year announced their plan to release their tenth album for free download on the very same day Radiohead captured international attention with that band’s announcement of the digital release of their ‘In Rainbows’ album. We spoke with the band’s vocalist, Tim Burgess.
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