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BBC may share iPlayer with ITV, Channel 4

Following a negative judgment in the Project Kangaroo initiative, the BBC is now considering offering its popular iPlayer technology to Channel 4 and ITV.

The BBC, Channel 4 and ITV had been working together to establish Project Kangaroo as a one-stop shop for TV show streaming and downloads from the broadcasters. However, in a decision revealed this month UK competition regulators nixed these plans on fears they would stifle competition in the UK market.

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Project Kangaroo rejected by regulator

Plans by UK broadcasters the BBC, ITV and Channel 4 to launch joint TV-on demand catch-up service for UK viewers Project Kangaroo where this morning rejected by the UK Competition Commission.

The Competition Commission provisionally concluded that the proposed joint venture will restrict competition in the supply of video-on-demand services in the UK. It does not, however, expect the joint venture to lead to a substantial lessening of competition in online advertising or content acquisition. The full report will be published shortly.

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UK faces iPod, iPhone tax to fund broadcasting

iPod users in the UK face a tax intended to fund unprofitable shows from Channel 4 and ITV, Ofcom has announced.

Ofcom warned that by 2012, when every household in Britain will have access to more than the five basic channels, between £145 million and £235 million of public funding would be needed to ensure ITV, Channel 4 and Five could continue producing their current level of public service programmes.

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BBC, ITV, Ch4 see Project Kangaroo launch delay

Project Kangaroo, the TV video-on-demand joint venture to be jointly-owned by UK broadcasters BBC, ITV and Channel 4, has seen its launch delayed while the UK Competition Commission extends the duration of its probe into the service.

The jointly-owned service was originally expected to launch in the fourth quarter, but launch has now been delayed.

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T-Mobile challenge for iTunes films

T-Mobile will challenge iTunes with its own video-on-demand service for full length video, including film.

The company plans offering a dual service in which content can be watched using a mobile phone or a computer, New Media Age reports.

T-Mobile is currently discussing its notion with a variety of content suppliers, including Ministry of Sound, EMI, ITV, Universal and Warner.
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Blinkx and you won’t miss it!

Video search engine blinkx is launching “blinkx Remote” today, the new service combines content from UK broadcasters the BBC, ITV, Channel 4, making it as easy to find the show you want as it is to flick between channels on a TV.

blinkx Remote provides users with a way to find their favourite TV shows from any network or provider with online content, including the BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Five and more.
“The online video landscape has changed dramatically over the past year – what was once the domain of short-form, user-generated material, has become the realm of premium television,” said Suranga Chandratillake, founder and CEO of blinkx. 
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BBC, ITV, Ch4 respond to OFT Kangaroo slap

The OFT has referred the jointly-held plans of the BBC, ITV and Channel 4 and their mooted Kangaroo service to the Competition Commission, sparking fury from the three UK players.
A joint statement on Kangaroo referral from BBC Worldwide, ITV and Channel 4 reads: “We’re naturally disappointed by the decision from the OFT and are frustrated that it will delay the launch of Kangaroo, however all parties remain committed to what the venture offers.
 The OFT’s decision shows that the assessment of the proposed joint venture involves some very complicated issues.  The parties are confident that when properly subject to more detailed scrutiny by the Competition Commission, the Competition Commission will conclude that the joint venture will provide wider choice for consumers and be seen as a pro-competitive force in the market place.
 Once the Competition Commission process is complete, each broadcaster will liaise with its board for approval and BBC Worldwide will liaise with the BBC Trust for approval. Our aspiration is that Kangaroo will offer a wealth of British content and provide an example of UK innovation and collaboration for the benefit of consumers and advertisers alike.”
ITV’s executive chairman Michael Grade said: “While I understand that the Office of Fair Trading is carrying out its statutory obligations, there is a serious problem with a regulatory framework that seems unable to take the most important interest into account – that of British viewers.
The UK’s three biggest public service broadcasters together invest £2.5 billion per annum in original UK production, representing over 90 per cent of the total spend, as the recent Ofcom report highlighted. As digital distribution gathers pace, we want to make our content available for free to online users in the most accessible way through Kangaroo.
 This venture has been delayed by a reference to the Competition Commission, at the very same time that non-UK companies like Google and Apple are free to build market dominating positions online in the UK without so much as a regulatory murmur.
 There must be a level playing field for those of us whose investment sustains UK production. Companies without that commitment, who financially contribute virtually nothing to the UK creative economy, are trying to use a narrow regulatory remit to exploit our investment at little cost or risk to themselves. If they succeed, the losers will be UK viewers, UK advertisers and UK producers. Today’s ruling suggests that the regulatory framework does not seem to take that wider public interest sufficiently into account.
In the meantime, as joint shareholders in a ground-breaking venture we feel passionately about, we will engage in the continuing process with the Competition Commission”.