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Vodafone and Carphone Warehouse join MusicTank

will join music industry group, Musictank’s panel next week in which panelists will discuss the creation of compelling alternatives to file-sharing.

Vodafone UK Head of Music – Mobile Internet and Content Services, Tom McLennan, will join the panel along with an unannounced Carphone Warehouse person.

McLennan is responsible for Vodafone UK’s music products and the launch of MusicStation, and has the reputation of having an eye for new commercial models with a particular interest in what subscription-based services might offer operators and labels.

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‘Comes with Music’ – fatally flawed – 7digital

Ben Drury, CEO of UK online music service 7digital.com has slammed the newly-announced Nokia ‘Comes With Music’ service as “fatally flawed”.

“Nokia’s new service is an interesting new model for digital music but at first glance seems fatally flawed,” Drury said. “Songs downloaded through the Comes With Music service are not in MP3 format and are wrapped in DRM (Digital Rights Management) locks which means the downloads cannot be played across a multitude of music devices including iPods and all other MP3 players.”

Referring to the terms and conditions of ownership of the music, Drury pointed out that customers are limited in the amount of time they can hang onto the music. Continue reading

Nokia Comes With Music Oct 2 launch event

Nokia is planning a big media bash on October 2 to launch its ‘Comes With Music’ service in the UK.

The company is sending out invitations to media requesting they attend the launch party, to be held at London, Camden’s Koko, with performances from Keane and Ida Maria.

Nokia has reached an exclusive one-year deal with Carphone Warehouse, which will offer Comes With Music with the Nokia 5310 XpressMusic handheld.  
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Nokia ‘Comes With Music’ – at a price?

Nokia may charge a premium for handsets equipped with its ‘Comes With Music’ plan, a report claims – though detractors have quickly poked holes in what’s being said (see comment below).

Symbian.com claims the first two such handsets to go on sale in the UK cost a fair bit extra if you want a load of music too. The 5310 costs between £132.99 and £145.99 on the site on its own, and £214.99 with Nokia’s tunes – so an extra £70 or more. The Nokia N95 8GB is selling for £394.99 on its own, or £479.99 with the music…
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Nokia Comes With Music UK launch next month

Nokia will introduce its Comes With Music service in the UK next month, introducing its fill-yer-boots free music offering into Europe and Asia next year.

‘Comes With Music’ gives people a year of unlimited access to the entire Nokia Music Store catalogue (c.2.1 million tracks) with the ability to keep all downloaded tracks even after the year is over.

(We do wonder if Warner will take its music out of the system to boost album sales, post Adele, in order to maintain the fiction that it’s not out to weaken Apple’s market share).
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UK ISPs reach file-sharing policing deal

Six of the UK’s biggest internet service providers have reached a deal with music industry body the BPI to combat music-piracy.

The six biggest UK ISPs, BT, Virgin, Orange, Tiscali, BSkyB and Carphone Warehouse, have all agreed the deal, which commits all parties to work together to reduce illegal music file-sharing. Thousands of letters will also now be sent to ‘net users the BPI suspects of illegally sharing music.
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