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We7 launches free music-on-demand service

We7 today officially launched its ads-supported music service, offering UK music lovers the chance to listen to whatever music they choose for free, and offering a chance to buy their favourite music.

The service’s extensive catalogue includes music from a three million strong catalogue of artists including Kings of Leon, Pink, Nickelback, and Estelle.

We7 is adding up to 30,000 tracks a day to its collection of over 3 million licensed tracks, including many new releases as they become available.
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iLike opens up music online

iLike has introduced an open platform that enables developers to add interactive music features to their website or Facebook application.

The platform doesn’t use Adobe’s annoying Flash format for playback of files, choosing to use dead simple to build and deploy HTML and JavaScript. Users can create and edit playlists, listen to them and so on with no need to register with iLike.

“Having spent years building the underlying technology for iLike’s music service, we decided to help other developers use our underlying technology, without difficult coding, without much server-side engineering, and without having to understand the hassles and complexities of the world’s vast catalog of music,” iLike explained on its blog.

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