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ISP file-sharing talks spurn the public – ORG

The much-publicised cosy deal between the BPI, Ofcom and the ISPs has raised howls from civil rights campaigners – who quite rightly protest that music consumers have had no voice in these discussions.

The Open Rights Group (ORG) has submitted its response to the Department for Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform’s consultation into legislative options to tackle illicit peer to peer file-sharing, warning of muddy thinking throughout the proposals made so far.

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uTorrent client for Mac leaks online

A pre-release alpha version of a Mac version of uTorrent, the popular BitTorrent client for Windows, has been leaked to the public, TorrentFreak has noted.

The software comes from conentious Swedish torrent site The Pirate Bay, and has been expected since 2006 when BitTorrent purchased uTorrent and promised to develop a Mac version.

However, BitTorrent is warning that the alpha software isn’t really ready for release right now (it’s buggy and doesn’t entirely work), but its existence does at least prove a Mac version of the software is in development.

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Olympics 2008 a BitTorrent smash

NBC Universal’s decision to delay broadcast of the stunning opening ceremony of the 2008 summer Olympics may have driven US TV audiences to seek out a reliable alternative – BitTorrent.

TorrentFreak today reports the broadcast of the Olympics opening ceremony has been downloaded over one million times already, and the download counters go up every day.
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Italian ISP’s block Pirate Bay access

An Italian court has caused ISPs there to block access to the Pirate Bay, whose IP addresses and domain name has become inaccessible as it is now blocked by ISPs across Italy.

A request to blacklist the popular BitTorrent tracking service was despatched late last week, and ISPs jumped to follow the letter of the law.
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Jamendo offers creative license

There’s always space for an evolving alternative. Perhaps one of the more interesting alternatives to the major label-sponsored online music system comes from the really quite noteworthy Jamendo service.

What’s interesting about Jamendo is that it offers free access and free download of music tracks, tracks which are published under the Creative Commons licences. Artists choose to give Jamendo users free access to their music.
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EU funds next-gen P2P broadcasting research

Peer-to-peer technology based on BitTorrent could power next-generation TV broadcasting in Europe.
A European Union-funded research project is exploring a new system that could replace over-the-air TV broadcasts, Ars Technica explains.
With €19 million in EU funding and a research remit stretching to 2012, Dutch academic Dr. Johan Pouwelse has spent a year studying BitTorrent as part of his research toward the new technology, which is being hatched-up to deliver live streaming video, rather than catalogue shows.
P2P-Next is based on BitTorrent, but adds support for video on demand and live streaming. The technology could ease the pressure on broadcasters, who must pay for huge quantities of bandwidth when they stream live material online.
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Nas speaks on new album leak

Rapper Nas has seen his unreleased new album leaked online, with the entire (as yet untitled) collection now reportedly available on BitTorrent.

In response, Nas has released a video in which he says, “You know we get leaked. You know I’ve been getting leaked forever, and it’s so f***ing exciting.” The clip is available on YouTube. Nas recently signed a sponsors deal with Fila.

Pirate Bay plans encrypted services

The Pirate Bay plans to introduce encryption on its website to deal with a new Swedish law that permits the interception of internet and telephone traffic. The move is designed to protect file-sharers using the service, which is one of the most widely-used BitTorrent trackers for music, film and other forms of digital content.
“Earlier this week the Swedish stasi-government decided – against the peoples wishes – to wiretap all internet and telephone traffic in order to protect Sweden against threats. As you all know, being a neutral country makes Sweden a target for all the terrorists of the world, apparantly,” Pirate Bay spokesman and co-founder Peter Sunde wrote in his blog. “This week we’re going to add SSL to The Pirate Bay. We’re also going to help out making a website about easy encryption – both for your harddrives and your net traffic. As some people know, we’re running a system for VPN-tunnels already and we’re going to lower the price for that as well and open it up for international users as well.”
Sunde also appealed for help from ISPs: “We want Sweden to be banned from the Internet. The ISPs need to block Sweden in order to protect their own customers’ integrity since everything they do on Swedish ISPs’ networks will be logged and searched.”
The Swedish parliament voted on June 18 to approve a law that will make it possible for the FRA (Swedish Defense Radio Establishment), a civilian organization that falls under the Ministry of Defense, to listen in on all wired traffic that crosses Swedish borders to protect against the so-called driver of anti-democratic dialogue in the post-Bush/Blair age, “external threats.”