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Australia now sells the planet’s cheapest iPods

Psst!! Looking for a cheap iPod? Head for Australia! That’s the news today in new research from CommSec, which shows down’ under’s the place to go for the best deal now.

It’s good and bad news for Australians – reason behind the price advantage is the falling price of the Australian dollar in the last few months, says the Age.

We’re noting this because we’re interested to take a look at the research behind the claim.
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Anti-piracy police powers grow

Anti-piracy initiatives continue to unfurl on a global basis, as industry lobbyists encourage government and local trade bodies to take action.

The three strikes rule seems a basic tenet of the new online world order, and while it’s a flexible arrangement, it seems music industry heavies are seeing some success in pushing for that.
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Apple faces Australian iTunes skirmish

Apple faces new competition down under as local ISP Telstra BigPond launches its own digital music service to compete with the still young (in Australia) iTunes.

Telstra BigPond has reached a deal with all the major labels and many independents in order to offer music through its service, which will offer “over one million tracks” by January 2009, the company promised.

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