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WWDC: AT&T axes unlimited deal as iPhone upgrade looms

AT&T has introduced new deals for future iPhone users, even as Apple CEO, Steve Jobs offered some respect to the carrier for its work so far…while declining comment on claims the partners may abandon their special relationship.

These new iPhone data deals are set to come into effect on June 7, the same day as Apple’s expected introduction of a new model iPhone at WWDC next week. Read more.

iPad Kindle-killer (ships March 26), iBookstore expansion plans, more…

Apple’s iPad will ship on Friday, March 26, reports claim, with special gifts for those who queue up overnight to pick one of the devices up at their local Apple Store and staff training beginning next week, The Examiner claims.

Also AT&T on iPad market future; relax, production problems may not impact iPad availability. Bookworms – iBookstore’s on its way, hold steady – oh, and Kindle may get knocked aside by the Apple behemoth – and more. Read on…

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i.TV 1.4 adds Comcast, U-Verse and more for iPhone

comcastmoviesThe latest iteration of free, popular and useful TV, movie, and DVD guide for the iPhone and iPod touch, i.TV made its debut today on Apple’s App Store.

i.TV 1.4 includes a dedicated tab for Comcast subscribers, the world’s first “shakable” advertisement, AT&T U-verse listings and major performance improvements.

“Along with efforts to make i.TV faster and more stable, i.TV 1.4 includes a special menu tab for Comcast subscribers with information about video on-demand offerings,” said i.TV CEO, Brad Pelo. “Yes, i.TV is a movie, DVD and TV guide, but it is also a hub where media companies can more directly interact with their customers.”

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AT&T exec on the future of the iPhone – video

“Before the iPhone wakes you up in the morning with its alarm clock, De la Vega says, “it will have already loaded all of your daily news feeds onto the phone. It will also have already sent a wireless message to your coffee maker to get the coffee ready.”

Ralph de la Vega (AT&T Mobility & Consumer Markets) attracted huge attention with his vision of the future of the iPhone as at the centre of the future digital lifestyle. We thought you may want to see/hear/decide what you think of these claims all by yourself – so check from around 07.58 in this video.

Napster cosies up to AT&T for mobile music

While Napster seems down – shedding cash consistently while subscription services continue to fail to ignite consumer market share, the company has no intention to stop slugging it out in its attempt to consolidate its business.

Latest news sees Napster Mobile make its service available to 13 million AT&T Wireless customers in the US.

The service is now available on more than 25 AT&T smartphones and handsets, including BlackBerry Bold, AT&T Quickfire, Pantech Matrix and Samsung Propel.

The expansion of the supported handsets was made possible by less restrictive digital rights management (DRM) requirements from the labels and Napster’s adoption of more flexible technology.

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Apple’s iPhone nano plan exposed

The Daily Mail is reporting Apple plans to introduce an smaller, cheaper ‘iPhone nano’ in time for Christmas 2008.

The report claims the new device will retail at up to £150 for pay-as-you-go customers and will be available exclusively from O2 in the UK. The Daily Mail cites industry sources for its claims.

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