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Stuff Mag poll pans iPod touch, praises Archos

Stuff Magazine readers appear ready to abandon Apple for the newly-introduced Archos 5g – at least that’s what Archos claims in a morning press release.

“Following news that some mobile device manufacturers have been unable to back up advertising claims regarding their ability to fully access the internet, primarily due to lack of Flash support, feature-heavy devices by manufacturers such as Archos are now being viewed as a serious alternative for gadget fans,” Stuff Magazine states.
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Archos on Apple attack with new devices

Archos is fighting against the Apple juggernaut, offering a pair of internet-capable handheld devices that compete with the iPhone and iPod touch, the Archos 5, 5g and Archos 7 devices.

These gadgets do have some allure: they offer WiFI, 3G, internet and email access and up to 320GB of storage space. They have a new and improved user interface, are pretty thin, and actually exceed Apple’s devices in terms of their 5” or 7’’ touch screens (800×480). Oh, and they boast powerful ARM type processors.
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