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Waterproof music, Mac or PC

Here’s a gadget for the summer holidays, a waterproof (well, up to three metres) MP3 player called Aquabeat, made, quite naturally, by those purveyors of swimwear stuff, Speedo.
Speedo’s Aquabeat offers 1GB flash memory and nine hours of music playback, and it looks nice. Better still, its got buoyancy – if you drop it in the water, it will float straight to the surface so it’s easy to find.
Oh, and it comes in a variety of colours – green, black and pink – with big, easy to use tactile buttons so you can switch tunes while you swim. (Oh, and the ear phones are shaped so they stay securely in, even with goggles or swim hats).
Supported Formats: MP3, MP3 VBR and WMA Files; works with Windows and Mac and weighs 35g. Dimensions: 2.4” wide x 1.8” deep x 0.8” high.