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Germany calling: Sky TV plans an iPad push

News Corp. doesn’t just own a load of newspapers, it also owns Sky – and it looks like it intends introducing iPad-compatible Sky TV subscriptions, beginning with a roll-out in Germany later this month.

Sky Deutschland, News Corp.‘s German pay-TV provider will introduce its Sky Anywhere TV viewing service for the iPad in mid-May. The iPad application was created locally within five weeks.

“It will start with sports content, but there’s no reason why it can’t extend to everything Sky has to offer, both on a linear basis and in on demand. Most importantly for our customers with have the rights to do that, which means we can provide the services to them on either a low incremental cost, or in some cases no cost,” said Sky Deutschland CEO, Brian Sullivan. Continue reading

VIDEO: iPad In Concert – Plays Flight Of The BumbleBee

Here’s the latest soon to be gigantically viral iPad-related video clip – Chinese pianist Lang Lang walked onstage in San Francisc to perform the encore playing Flight Of The Bumblebee on an iPad. He used the Magic Piano app, apparently. Continue reading

Muso Records Whole Album Using Only an iPhone

What’s an iPhone-loving songwriting sound-engineer got to do to grab a little attention in this new digital world order? Why, record an entire album of music using only his iPhone and a selection of musical apps, of course.

We saw the Santa Cruz Sentinelstory pop up via iPhone Freak and knew a wider public deserved to know about Tom Freeman and his iPhone music odyssey. Continue reading

War chalking with iPhone? There’s no Apps for that…

Apple has ceded a second content category to Google’s Android developers even while the contest between the two firms becomes more intense.

Today’s slice of weird news from the App Store disapprovals team is that Apple is pulling WiFi stumbling apps from the store – you know, the Apps which find and name locally operational open and closed wireless networks.

“We received a very unfortunate email today from Apple stating that WiFi-Where has been removed from sale on the App Store for using private frameworks to access wireless information,” the developer of WiFi-Where says.

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Video: Penguin explains stage one of the reinvention of the book

We talked about Penguin and others in their plans for the iPad yesterday, so there’s no sense repeating what was said. However, these two videos (courtesy of PaidContent UK) should make for interesting new insights into the publishers’ plans for the iPad and other next-gen eReader devices (at least until the electricity gets turned off…)..

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David Guetta picks new MXP4 format for exciting iPhone, Android App

Following the Air App introduction yesterday, yet more iPhone action from France – this time hit making DJ and producer, David Guetta, has introduced a new interactive musical iPhone app- the difference here being use of the hot new MXP4 technology.

This is an interesting App for iPhone and iPod touch users. It brings location-aware technology, Twitter feeds, MXP4-powered remixable music and more.

The App can do so much: Continue reading

Microsoft app store collapse, WinMob 7 phones may support OS X

Microsoft is considering including support for Mac OS within future Windows Phone 7 series of devices.

Speaking to Engadget this weekend, Microsoft’s Aaron Woodman, (director of consumer experiences for Microsoft’s mobile division) would neither confirm nor deny the plan – all he seemed prepared to commit to was to concede that there are “internal discussions” as his team is considering the plan.

What could make this interesting is Microsoft’s confirmation the other week that Windows Mobile 7 will offer a Zune client, in order that devices powered by the OS won’t be completely out of the iPhone’s league.

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Apple’s Cocktail turns albums into Apps

AppleCocktailReuters has unearthed more information regarding Apple’s in-development Cocktail project, suggesting the project will see future music albums sold as applications through the App Store.

The report suggests that the aim of the game is to offer existing music purchasers their albums in a more interactive – and more expensive – format. Consumers will get the music they’re after along with other elements to boost the value of the digital deal, including photos, videos, lyrics and more.

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