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iLike loves iPhone: unleashes hundreds of apps

iLike has released a veritable storm of iPhone applications, including specific ones for over 250 musical acts and a pretty handy ‘Local Concerts’ app.

The latter provides personalized concert listings and notifications based on scanning the music on any iPod touch
or iPhone.

It lists upcoming shows in a user’s area and provides links to buy tickets. The new upgrade (available soon pending Apple approval) adds key features that leverage iPhone 3.0’s new capabilities:

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Shazam joins Nokia’s Apple-competing Ovi store

shazamAs the march of the Apple-inspired App Store trend continues, Shazam has introduced a version of its mobile music application for download inside Nokia’s new OVI Store.

The application lets users discover music on Nokia handsets and online. “Shazam has been selected as a strategic partner in the music apps category of Nokia’s new mobile storefront,” the companies said.

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UK charts spawn iPhone application

iphone-app-chartsPossibly reflecting Apple’s growing importance to music sales, the UK’s official music chart management company today introduced its very own application for the iPhone and the iPod touch.

The Official Charts Company is launching the application for iPhone and iPod touch users. This will provide music fans with a weekly update of the Official Charts.
The application, called Official UK Music Charts is now available on the Apple’s iTunes App store.

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Pre Macworld, iPhone nano rumour shines again

Once again, rumours Apple intends introducing an iPhone nano lead the pre-Macworld Expo speculation agenda this week, following the leak of a claimed case design for the purported product.

We can’t vouch for the veracity of the latest iPhone nano report, but we do note the source cited by MacRumors is admitted to be patchy in its credibility. However, claims Apple intends introducing a lower-cost, smaller sibling to the iPhone 3G have been in circulation for a long time.

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The iPhone gold rush is for real

This is an interesting account of some of the winners in the gold rush to create applications for the iPhone.

Sure, we’ve all seen recent reports which claim Apple’s provision of free apps makes it hard for some developers, but to get an objective opinion you also need to mull over the successes.

“Some kid in his bedroom can make a million bucks just by writing a little application for the Apple phone,” begins the latest Newsweek report by fake Steve himself, Mr Lyons…

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iPhone drives games on TV – Apple TV soon?

Remember the speculation Apple may enable support for games on the Apple TV? Just how hard would it be for developers to re-jig their existing iPhone/iPod touch titles for the big screen? Not hard at all, as Ars Technica and Freeverse demonstrate in this video clip, which depicts an iPod touch powering a game that’s being played on a TV.

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300 million iPhone App downloads – Apple

Apple has confirmed 300 million application downloads through its App Store since launch on July 11, 2008.

The five month achievement is noted within a pair of iPhone ads published Friday in the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times. The company also confirmed that in excess of 10,000 applications are now available through the App Store.

The two ads name a range of available applications for the device, including: Facebook; Bank of America; Urbanspoon; Shazam; Asphalt 4; eBay; APMobile News; Bloomberg; Mandarin; Remote’ Sudoku; Flight Status; Loopt; Spore; QuickVoice and AIM.

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Apple enables iPhone dev app give-aways

Apple has at last simplified developer’s lives, introducing support for promo codes for iPhone app give-aways.

iPhone developers have until now been forced to use unwieldy methods to give away copies of their applications, including the requirement they offer those they want to give their apps to an iTunes voucher for the download, or use the awkward Ad-hoc copy system.

However, the new solution is far from perfect: developers can only give away up to 50 promotional codes per application version (why?) and the promo codes can only be used in the US iTunes Store (why?).

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iPhone gaming explosion as devs follow the money

Apple keeps pitching to establish the iPhone and iPod touch as gaming platforms, while games developers seem receptive to the company’s charms – and they’re following the money.

Developer Cassidy Lackey of Handmark claims the cash gained from games development on Apple’s mobile platforms is temptation enough to bring in new devs, observing that while its GTS World Racing game is available for a variety of smartphones, “our iPhone version generates 98% of our revenue,” Gamesutra informs.

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