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UPDATED: Pullitzer Prize-Winning Satirical Cartoons? ‘There’s No App For That’ Say Apple’s Stupid Censors

We’re aghast. We’re horrified.

Censorship is stupid. That is all.

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Looks like Apple does have someone smart controlling the App disapproval team – Apple has asked the cartoonist to resubmit his app. Hopefully they’ll approve it this time. Once again though, censorship is stupid. Wielding censorship on an international basis (as Apple do) is dangerous. The computer company has no right to become some new type of taste police.

FT, many education apps to join Penguin in iPad app migration

The Financial Times and a plethora of education solutions seem set to join Penguin in a move to embrace the iPad as Pearson, the publisher behind both titles has confirmed it is making a shift to catch the digital wave with a range of iPad apps, including through its education products, which form the core of its international business.

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Sunday and need a little handheld horror? There’s an App for that…

Sunday, what a great night for some handheld horror – so give it up for ZooVision who are offering just that for iPhone users. Yes, that’s right, right now for just a few cents you can stream George Romero’s original 1968 classic Night Of The Living Dead to your iPhone today.

The film ships with a handful of Night Of The Living Dead inspired wallpapers and other bits and pieces.

What we find most interesting in view of Apple’s recent decision to pretend the human races only urge is to wander a perfect world of Starbucks and long-necked black tops with the eviction of thousands of vaguely nudey rudey apps last week – this new App is available only to users of 17-years old or more.

Wonder how they manage that?

Click right here to download it yourself while it’s available!

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Got Catholic tastes? There’s an App for that…

Meet the Reverend Michael Manning, 69. He’s the San Bernardino priest who has been selected by the Vatican to host the first-ever Vatican-affiliated iPhone app show.

Host of a longtime show on Trinity Broadcasting Network, rev. Manning will deliver daily inspirational video messages via the app, which should ship in early April.

Most of the Observatory Foundation shows will be filmed in the San Bernardino studios of Wordnet Productions, a Catholic television ministry that Manning founded. Others will be filmed in Rome and other locations, said Robert Thorne, CEO of The Robert Thorne Co., a Beverly Hills firm that co-manages global licensing and media for the foundation.

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Snow Patrol introduce second iPhone App

snowpatrolSnow Patrol have introduced the band’s second iPhone app, a free one, which marks the release of the act’s ‘Up To Now’ album.

The application offers the following features:

Make A Snowflake – every snowflake is unique, and your App can be too. Use your finger and the tools provided to create your own snowflake, then save and use it as your own personalized navigation within the app. You can even export the snowflake and use it as your online avatar.

SnowPatrol.com News Feed – keep up to date with the latest Snow Patrol news via the app. Any updates to the website will be fed directly to your app. Continue reading

EMI ships second free Coldplay iPhone App

coldplayMaintaining its digital strategy, major label EMI has made a series of improvements to its music fan-focused website and released a second free Coldplay application for iPhone and iPod touch.

The new Coldplay app enables iPhone users to view the video for the band’s new single, ‘Strawberry Swing’.

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