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Digital music slowly goes lossless – sans iTunes?

Passionato has become an award-winning digital music service, offering as it does top quality classical music downloads in an open format, but it may not be a long wait until record labels move to offer more music in high-quality FLAC and/or Apple Lossless formats, or so it appears.

While this season’s speculation continues to centre on claims Apple will introduce more major labels through its iTunes Plus service, a report from Topspin Media suggests the window of opportunity for purchase of a wide selection of music in lossless formats may be close to opening.

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Amazon launches iPhone shopping app, no MP3

On the heels of its soft launch of the Amazon MP3 store in the UK yesterday, the online shopping giant has invaded the iPhone, launching its own shopping app for the Apple device.

While the application falls short of offering users a route through which they can purchase and download music from the retailer’s new online service, it does offer a mobile front-end for online purchase of physical goods.

The application lets users search and browse for products offered by Amazon and thousands of retailers, access Customer Review and purchase items using 1-Click Shopping and Amazon Prime.

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7Digital CEO: Amazon MP3 UK a ‘blow’ to iTunes

Amazon’s move to introduce its DRM-free MP3 download store in the UK is beginning to generate reactions from within the UK music industry, with competing online music service, 7Digital’s CEO Ben Drury noting his company went DRM-free first in the UK.

“We’d like to congratulate Amazon UK for finally entering the MP3 market albeit a little late,” he said. “We announced on September 16th that we were the first in Europe to achieve this. It’s great that general retailers like Amazon clearly recognise the importance of digital music for consumers and the MP3 universal music format which works on all devices.
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Universal’s DRM-free must be universal

Universal’s announcement of its LostTunes service yesterday captured international attention, but some of its key positive points may also need to be extended across the wider digital music industry.

The company is clearly aiming its new online music store at the iTunes audience – just look at the declaration on the site in which it declares its wares to be, “double the quality of iTunes”.
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